Friday, 16 January 2015

Codex thoughts

A while ago I mention a few thoughts on codices, I thought the I would expand on my thoughts a little here.

The main codex, with the 6 main chapters in, ( Ultrasmurfs, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders and White Scars) is great. I love the fact that you can take chapter tactics now, it really gives each army its own identity, something they have been lacking in previous codices. I know some will complain about the Black Templars, and I kinda agree, I think that they are different enough to warrent their own codex. Personally, I think they should be twined with the sisters, as they are in my opinion fairly similar, there both hardline fanatics after all. I would love to see a more dedicated codex to these two armies, in many respects bringing them closer together.

However, I feel that some of the other codices are lacking a little in fluff. The SW codex is great, and keeps the individual flavour of the Wolves and their different nature intact, if not enhances it. It gives lots of new options that are unique to the wolves, along with keeping those things that have always been unique to them.

As for the other codices, I think that they should do more to the DA codex to make it more individual. The DA and the Unforgiven have an ulterior motive in chasing down the Fallen. I think that they should make them darker and more sinister, moving them further away from a codex chapter and reform them more for their hunt of the Fallen. My view would be to do away with the codex structure and form each company in to a self contained hunt, with all units spread across the chapter. As such each hunt would contain fast, heavy, elite and troop choices, with Ravenwing units and Deathwing units being part of each. The first company would become the Master Hunt with the Chapter Master more Vet units and the best options, used for hunting the meanest and toughest targets, but the other companies would be set up all the same, along the lines of bikes to find the prey, troops to hold them and termies to kill them. This would enable each hunt to act independently, much in the was that each great company of Wolves do, with recruits joining a specific hunt and then working their way through the ranks to Hunt Master, with those who show the best skill and dedication being chosen to join the Master Hunt with the Master of the Hunts or Chapter Master. This would be difficult I realise as it would require the rewriting of lots of the DA fluff, but I think it would be worth it and give them the identity and flavour I think they should have.

As for BA, well, its a little more difficult, as both the White Scars and Raven Guard have chapter tactics based around speed and manoeuvrability. The BA do have Fast vehicles which other chapter don't, so that's one thing, but I also believe that they should have assault marines as troop choices. This would necessitate moving away from the codex, which again I think they should. BA should be very much about speed and up close and personal combat, which I think that current codex does a lot for with the special rules and fast vehicles, but they are still restricted by the codex. Moving away from the codex, and having more assault marines and more assault vehicles. Yes, Deep Striking LR's was silly, there's no getting away from that, but having LR's as dedicated transport was a good idea. An assault squad with a LR would be a good combination, especially a Crusader, and something that I think should have remained an option for BA players. I would also love to be able to take tac marines with jump packs, silly I know, but a bunch of tacs with bolters zipping around the table could be fun! I think that they should have got there own flyer as well, one that could be a small transport, a flying razorback, or a fast attack craft, similar to the stormtalon. BA are probably the most restrictive in the flying dept. at the moment, with only one true flyer, although DA may well be more restricted, that could easily be solved by changing some of the rules for the Darkshroud and Vengeance.

Not being much a DA player I can't say much for their current codex but despite my ramblings above, I do like the new BA codex and it has changed my ideas for my SM armies, as now the Knights will be taking a leading role as opposed to the Disciples, which were going to be my primary SM army, although they will still be featuring on the table at some point or another.

On a more personal not, life it getting more hectic around here at the moment and so I'll only be posting once a week for the foreseeable future, probably on a Friday. I will post bits and pieces up on the spur of the moment though if I feel there is anything I think warrants it, the next one probably being the Necron release!