Friday, 23 January 2015

Kings of the North, First post

This will be the first of many posts in relation to the Kings of the North Tournament, and will feature my initial thoughts on what army I will take with me.

My first thought was to take my Hjaltland LI, possibly with some of the MT's for some ap3 shooting. It's a 2000 point tournament, so plenty of space to take a small MT force and a good IG force. However, I was also considering taking one of the new BA formations, namely the Vanguard Strike Force. This would mean I would have an IG army, MT allies and a BA formation, and hopefully a good little force. This would give me massed shooting, still in good numbers, some ap3 shooting with deep strike for some pricision target elimination and finally some good CC troops, depending upon what I equip them with. 

Other ideas, slightly more off beat, would be to take the MTs as elite IG rather than as allies, meaning I can take some SMs as allies, for some sternguard goodness from my Disciples, along side the Knights vanguard formation. Sternguard in a Vendetta anyone? This all adds points and reduces the IG numbers, not sure on points yet, I'll need to check that out when I have time. The other even more crazy idea is to get me a Baneblade, which I would run in Stormlord format with its 30 shot mega bolter! There's not a lot that's gonna start up to that amount of shots, and it will provide a good defensive position for a lot of troops. It's going to cost a lot to run the Stormlord, especially if I run all the allies and formations that I want to. 

As you might have guessed, I'm not going to KotN to win. I'm sure I could give it a good go if I wanted, but I dont, I'm going for fun and to get some games in. I have always taken fluff lists to previous tournaments, mostly my IG Hjaltland army in standard trim, although this time I'm defiantly thinking of taking something extra. I'll have a look over the next few weeks at points and see what options are.