Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Building the Eagle Knights

With the Eagle Knights following the BA codex, there are a few little issue that arise when converting  other GW models. These mostly revolve around the infurnus pistol and hand flamer, as these are limited to the Sisters and BA, and are not found in other kits. As such, I've been looking around for alternative models for these weapons and have come across a few options.

For the infurnus pistols I have been looking at these Fusion Pistols from anvil industries. I think these will be perfect, they have the right looks and style and are priced decently, although I'm going to end up with quite a few more than I need.

I've also been looking at these for the Hand Flamers. I'm not 100% certain on these, as I dont like the overall look or the fact that the fuel chamber makes up the body, they could be good for combi weapons though.

Another option, again not great, could be these Hand Flamers. It's number 5 on the list and it might require some modification or specific painting to make it look more like a flame pistol.

I'll keep looking to see if I can find other options but at the moment there don't seem to be many out there.

There is also the issue of assault packs. GW do sell the packs in 5's, which is a good option, but I've also been drawn to these two options. These Jump Packs for the main assault squads, and these Jump Packs for the vets and characters. I like both packs, but the extra detail will make the vets stand out from the rest. There also not massively different in style from the marines, so they won't look out of place.

On a side note, the rifle for my Vindicare Assassin. A little off topic I know, but the rifle is just perfect as far a I'm concerned, big and bulky like a .50 cal rifle. With a modified Cadian wielding it, it should do the job nicely.