Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Eagle Knights 2000 points list

This post will include my 2000 point list for the Eagle Knights chapter, I'll just get straight on on with the list and ramble on afterwards;

Captain - 205
Power Sword, Artificer armour, Storm Shield, Razorback

Chaplin - 115
Angles Wings

Tac - 165
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Tac - 165
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Command Squad - 215
Standard, 4 Storm Shields, 4 Power Weapons

Vanguard - 252
6 Vets w/jump packs, 4x Lighting Claws, 2x Power Axes, Power Sword, Power Maul

Sternguard - 242
6 Vets, 6 Combi-bolters, Rhino w/Storm Bolter

Assault - 155
4x Infernus Pistols, Melta Bomb, Rhino w/Storm Bolter

Assault - 190
10x Marines

Assault - 160
4x Plasma Pistols

Baal Pred - 135
Bolter Sponsons

Its a simple list I think, hopefully covering all the bases, except possibly long ranged AT and AA. The Captain is with the Command Squad in the Razorback for picking up targets of opportunity, the Chaplin is with the Vanguard squad for taking down priority targets, assisted by the Sternguard, which will usually be armed with combi-plasma for AP2 shooting. The 10 man assault squad will combat squad, with 5 going with the vanguard vets and 5 going with the plasma assault squad. The Infurnus squad in the rhino will go after armour targets. The tac squad will also combat squad with the flamers going with the Baal for close ranged support and the bolter squads will roam the board going for objectives and taking down any units that get within range.

The lack of long ranged AT is a common theme in most of my lists, with most of the AT in my IG armies being provided by my Vendetta, and in the Disciples list, the AT is covered by the Devs. So maybe its not as lacking as I though? AA is similarly covered by the Vendetta and various missile teams, so its not so much of a problem. In this list, there is no dedicated AA cover, its left mostly up to the Baal, with its twin-linked Assault cannons, and all the anti tank stuff is short ranged, but when it does get in to range its got a good chance of doing the job. Still, I think its a good balance, but I'll have to play it at some point and see how it gets on. It could be a while before it hits the table though!