Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Post Xmas Post

Well Christmas is all done, and everything is getting back to normal for most people.

Santa was good to me this year, I got a lot of what I wanted......

Conquest 40k, a game I've been looking at for a long time. Had to wait until boxing day, and a visit from the in-laws, although I suspect that it was all organised by the wife. I've been thinking about decks and looking at website for the last few days and I'm just as excited by everything I've seen. I'll go in to things more in later posts.

Tickets to the Kings of the North Tournament, a two day, 4 or 5 battle ( will have to check) orgy of 40k, pkus a load of other games. Was 2nd on my list after conquest, and will be featured heavily over the next few onths as I sort my list. I've already got a few ideas but will have to have a look at cost and feasibility.

I didn't get my two laser pens from The Army Painter. I was after both the TargetLock and Markerlight laser pens, as I think they could be useful in games. I'll now spend some of my Christmas money on them and get them from my club. It's always good to support your local club.

So all in all, I got the main things I wanted. I know there isn't much in terms of gaming and modelling, but I've got so much waiting to be painted that I don't want to add to it!