Tuesday, 16 December 2014

My wish list

With Christmas around the corner I thought I would do a spot of wish listing, not just for Christmas but in general as well. Now considering most of my models are still unpainted, or still in boxes (my Valkyrie from June!!) I am not looking for any models for Xmas.

There are a few things I do want for Xmas, the first being the wh40k Conquest card game from FFG, have looked at this and even played a game, this is defiantly no. 1 on the wish list. The next two items are pretty similar, and are the Army Painter laser pens, both the single spot one and the line one. I know a few people who use a pointer to check line of sight and such, and they can be very useful, so I figured I would get one of each and I should be covered for those 50/50 decisions on LoS and the like. Lastly, there is a tournament up this way in April next year. The Kings of the North is a weekend tournament, with 40k plus other games going on, and having played in the last few tournaments run by these guys, I hope to play in this one. As usual, the sole aim is not to come last, that's it, not going to have a fully painted army or going for a WaaC list, so it's about having fun and not coming last!

And that's pretty much it, my Xmas wish list, short and sweet, mostly cos of the amount of unpainted models I already have, I don't need any more.

Also on my wish list for the future are a large number of models;

For my MT force,

Two boxes of 20 man dreamforge Eisenkern Stormtroopers. These are my count as scions, modelled with modified las guns and various bits of kit. 40 blokes should finish my company nicely.

4 Taurox's built to Prime spec, two Gatling armed and two missile armed variants,

Two Tauros with grenade launchers, converted from land speeders and ork wagons
One Tauros Venator with multilasers, also converted from a land speeder and an ork wagon

One Vulture with both 4 MRPs and twin link punisher options, for some extra air power

And for the rest,

One more chimera for my Hrossey vets,

One chimera hull for conversion in to a wyvern, to join the other two for a full battery,

A baneblade super heavy, just because every guard army should have one,

And that's pretty much it, not a very long list, but there are some expensive options on there. None of them are particularly important as I can run everything I want to with what I already have.