Friday, 5 December 2014

Hildasay PDF

This force is similar in nature to the Eagle Knights SM chapter, it is formed of the remnants of my imperial forces. While I don know the exact amount of models that will be available to me for this force, I do know that it will be very heavy weapon team oriented. From memory I have about 6 missile teams, 6 mortar teams, 6 heavy bolters, 6 las cannon teams and a couple of auto cannons. This means that I can field at least 8 squads of heavy weapons, meaning that I will need to field two platoons, and so at least 4 squads, 2 PCS and one CCS. hopefully I should have the models for this, although I'm not sure how effective the force would be, as it would be a bit of a glass hammer, hitting hard but not being able to take much return fire. Although, with all those heavy weapons, there shouldn't be much to shoot back! In addition to these models, I also have 3 scout sentinels and a hell hound, the one mentioned in the Hrossey vets list.

The fluff,

The Hildasay PDF is a small force, formed around the extensive use of heavy weapons. The reason for this is due to the fact that the planet is a vastly overpopulated hive world, where the planets law enforcement and the Adaptus Arbites form the major power and exist in such number that the PDF has no need to contain large number of infantry units. However the law enforcement forces do not possess many heavy weapons as there main tasks are patrolling the confines of the Hive, where heavy weapons are to cumbersome and would take too long to get in to suitable fire positions, should any exist. Therefore, in the event of an invasion or a more serious uprising, the PDF can be called upon to deploy with there heavy weapons in support of the law enforcement forces.

The reason for the substantial law enforcement troops on the planet is due to the vast overcrowding that is present within the hive world. This is due to some historical disaster that befell the world of Hascosay, around which the moon or Hildasay orbits, and the fact that the moon use to be a prison. With the mass exodus that occurred from Hascosay, the hives expanded massively and almost uncontrollably. This lead to a number of riots and uprisings, as both food, water and supplies ran in short supply. This lead a massive recruitment drive by the local law enforcement amongst both the upper classes and the scum of the lower hive, all recruits draw by the promise of both pay and guaranteed meals. This had the effect of also reducing the available man power and equipment for the local PDF units, and lead to there specialisation with heavy weapons.

These units will be used as support units for my main forces, either the Hjaltland L.I. or the Hrossey Yeomanry, and maybe even deployed alongside the Space Marine chapters, to supply heavy support. On the whole, they probably wont be deployed much, but they are useful to have, as when they are deployed, they can provide some considerable punch.