Friday, 29 July 2016

Making Assassins

This is going to be a short post, mainly just to keep myself on top of this project. so I've been talking about building an assassins cadre for a while, however, I really haven't got any where at the moment. I've got plenty of ideas, especially for the Vindicare assassin and I have plenty of parts for all of the assassins, thanks Toby bits box and the extras from the Dreamforge boxsets used for my MT's.

So, what's the plan? Not sure is the answer. This is mostly due to the fact that I don't have much in the way of bodies, apart from Catachans, which I have a lot of. Now, one way to do this would be to push the fluff away from the standard assassin stuff and in to the realm of a few chosen men, each skilled in a certain form of warfare. I'll come up with the rest of the fluff as I actually put the models together, as yet the fluff is still evolving.

So, what do I have.

Vindicare - I have several rifle options for this one. I've a marine scout sniper rifle but also some rifles from Dreamforge. I think I will be using quite a few Dreamforge bits to make the assassin a bit more unique.

Eversor - this one will be a little harder to achieve as the claw maybe difficult to replicate/imitate. The pistol on the other hand should be easier, using various bits in the bits box. I don't think the main build will be particularly hard for this one, some of the details will be harder to do, having said that, it should be pretty easy to rewrite the fluff to fit the build.

Callidus - while this one will be easier, using a modified plasma pistol and power sword, along with some bits to make up the various pouches. The assassin herself will look very different as I don't have any models that can really stand in, so I will either have to acquire a model or the fluff will be rewritten. If it is rewritten then there will be some major reworking of the fluff to get a burley Catachan to fit the role of a Callidus assassin!

Culexus - this is going to be the hardest assassin to model. As yet I have no idea how I'm going to model this up, there are so many different bits to do, especially around the head, that doubt I'll have the parts I need. This is probably the one build that I am not looking forward to trying to do, as such it will probably be put off until last and knowing me, thrown together in a bit of a hurry, just to get it done!

I hope to get at least some of the models built by the next time I write a to do list, which will be Christmas, so I've got a few months left.