Friday, 15 July 2016

hobby space

Time for another little interval from the models I think, and seeing as there have been a few posts over the last couple of months on several blogs that I follow (and some I don't) mentioning about hobby spaces. Well, I thought I might mention something about mine, which to be honest is rubbish (don't worry, not looking for sympathy, just though I'd share) 

So here is the overview, a couple of shelves in the corner of the playroom, that's the kids playroom, not mine unfortunately! Lucky the shelves are high enough to keep everything away from the smallest one, but I recently found out its in reach of the bigger one when he stands on a chair! I found this out when I came on to the play room to find him playing with my SM/DA bikes on the window sill! He was having great fun, so I didn't mind but I was worried that they might end up down the back of the radiator!

The storage shelf, containing my big box of stuff. This contains most of my vehicles and armies that are not in current use or awaiting building. It also houses the flyers, in the black tool box.

This is the work shelf. The bits box is on the left at the back with all the various project bits in the front. In the centre is my KR Multi cases with my Hjaltland LI and Eagle Knights in and on the right is more bits and at the back, just visible, is my compressor.

This is a close up of the work area, the space on to of the multi cases. This is the only area of clear space on the shelves, which is taken up with my Guardians bikes while I was pondering options for my list. I find it helps when I can actually see what models I have and rearrange them to visualise my ideas. 

I would love to have a proper dedicated desk and as part of the long term house renovation plans I will have a desk, next to the wife's home office desk in the study, so that we can sit together of an evening while still working on our own stuff. This could be a while off though, as I have a front room and a bathroom to do first!

So that's my hobby space, not great but it works!