Friday, 8 July 2016

ED Honour Guard, XV Company

Something a little different now, the Honour Guard. On the field, these guys will be accompanying either the Libby or Chaplin. Chances are it will be a Chaplin, using the Sternhammer formation. The models them selves are mostly DV figure, the Chaos Chosen, along with the Champion from the 7th edition version of the boxset.

as always, Group HUG!!!!!

The three axe murders

The next few shots are of some of the minor conversion work that was done, mostly the removal of spikes and symbols.

Removal of spikes, for a smoother look.

Some green stuffing and filling off of details in the legs, getting rid of the faces and such on the shins.

The Champion on the left originally had a different shoulder pad, with a tongue like thing sticking out of it. I cut that off and have given him a standard shoulder pad, and again, I removed the details and spikey bit on the shoulder pad of the other chosen.

This rounds off the Disciples for the moment, I'm hoping to get some paint on them at some point, not sure when though. I hope to have my Hjaltland LI finished soon, as I have been working on these in the back ground on the few opportunities I have had (aka the wife's away at conferences south). I'll post up the pictures when I've got them all finished and get the parade shots up here for all to see.