Friday, 22 July 2016

2500 views part 1

So, another little milestone has been reached, two and a half thousand views! Ok actually its 2496 but the next time I checked it was 2516, someone in Russia has be busy, 42 hits today, 63 over the last week! Granted 2500 isn't a spectacular number to have achieved in the 18 months or so that the blog has been running, but I'm happy with how things are progressing.

Ive noticed quite an increase in traffic since I started using google+ and ive been thinking about adding Reddit to that but as yet ive held off. Why? A lot if folk have said that although you'll get lots if views, you'll have little interaction. Now I don't do this for the numbers, although its nice to see them climb, so having lots of views isn't really that important to me. Afterall, I blog as a hobby outlet, not as a career.

So as usual, when I hit a mile stone I like to have a little look at the stats. This time I thought I'd look at a little more than just the numbers and take a look at all stats that are shown on blogger.

So to start traffic sources;

Referring URL's - 23 - 23 - 22 (not sure why this is different from the first entry)
Google.Co.UK - 16 - 10 - 10

There are a few others on the list but there the top 5 or so. In not really sure what this really means, but considering that there are now 2500 views and the top one here is showing 23,I  guess its not showing much!

Referring sites on the otherhand do make sense to me; - 342 - 106 - 39
Google.Co.UK - 36
Standwargameing.Co.UK - 17

These are the the top 5 entries, however there are more for google, with .Au, .ca, .it, .ie and several others showing up over time. The total google count must be a lot higher, maybe up close to bloggers total. The St Andrews wargaming site totals are also a lot higher as .com shows 11 entries and there have been a number from .it, .ie, .fr, .Au, .nz plus a few others I don't recall now. So I guess the total will be closer to 50 or even higher. Ok, so not a massive game changer but it does show what happens when someone kindly highlights your blog.

But what are people looking at? Well the top 5 posts are;

Xmas - Dec 15- 75
Chadian formation - Dec 15 - 58
Dark guardians - April 16 - 52
Betrayal of calth - march 16 - 42
FW militarium tempests-  nov 14 - 30

And pages wise;

About me - 19
Tactics - 15
Mt - 15
The rest are all between 10 and 14

It seems strange that the Xmas post is the most popular, it was only w short post but ithas proven popular! Of the others, the FW post sticks out, its one ofmy ode posts but it keeps popping up in the post list. Now I've often thought that the list of pages visited was quite low, Afterall I've had 2500 visitors but the top page only has 75 views? I think this is down to the fact that I display the whole post on the home page, so therefore people don't need to visit the individual posts to read all the content. Whether this is a good or a bad thing I don't really know and in some respects, it doesn't bother me. Maybe I'll try the otherway for a bit some time, see what happens.

Right, I'm going to end this post here and put the rest of the info, the audience data as it were in to another post, as this is getting long enough.