Tuesday, 26 July 2016

2500 views, part 2

As promised, the audience data. This is the information that I always find interesting, as it shows just how widespread the hobby is. Granted I'm not sure how many of the hits from China and Russia are trying to find out about my latest hobby thoughts and exploits and how many are from other reasons, whatever they might be!

Anyway, the data and first up is countries; (500 views)

USA - 748 (284)
UK - 194 (64)
Ireland - 190 (30)
Russia - 185 (27)
Ukraine - 121 (22)
China - 114 (-)
France - 89 (15)
Germany - 71 (4)
Belgium - 40 (-)
Italy - 36 (-)

Other countries that are not on the list but have visited in the last few weeks are Canada, Australia, Poland, Latvia and Belarus. There are also just over 700 views that are not shown on the list above, where these are I have no idea, obviously the countries above will account for some of these.

So as usual the good old US of A leads the way, by quite some margin! With the UK a little behind, although how long it stays in second place on the list is anyone's guess! Both Ireland and Russia are close behind. The numbers are pretty stable in terms of whos on the list and where they are. The USA, UK, Ireland, Russia and Ukraine are all still in order at the top of the list, France and Germany have also been pretty permanent fixtures on the list. Most of these countries are western, if you include Russia in that, then its only China that is the odd one out, although I have seen Australia, New Zealand and a few from Indonesia. I'm sure that there are a few other Asian countries on the list.

The same can be said for the Operating Systems; (500 views)

Windows - 1654 (66%) - (265)
Mac and iStuff - 536 (19%) - (164)
Linux - 106 (4%) - (31)
Android - 103 (4%) - (30)
Compatible - 39 - (-)
UNIX - 37 - (10)
Windows NT 6.1 - 14 - (-)

Windows is very much at the top of the list, and is pretty much untouchable even with all the mac/istuff rolled in to one. I might have though that Android would be higher on the list? Not sure what Compatible means, maybe a foreign language thing, like Chinese or similar.  

The browser list is a little different though; (500 views)

Chrome - 965 (39%) - (234)
Firefox - 913 (36%) - (121)
Internet Explorer - 312 (12%) - (76)
Safari/Mobile Safari - 173 (6%) - (44)
Opera - 31 - (6)
Mobile - 30 - (-)
Samsung browser - 28 - (6)

While most people seem to be using Chrome, Firefox seems to be rising in popularity. Internet Explorer is still near the top ahead of Safari. I would have thought that with the Mac stuff being higher on the operation systems list would have meant that Safari would have been higher on the browser list, but I guess that not many people use Safari on there Macs, not sure what they do use though,i guess either Chrome or Firefox.