Friday, 19 February 2016

100 Posts

Well, the title says it all, I've reached 100 posts. Its taken about 15 months, but I've hit the magic 100 (why its magic I have no idea!) So, in a similar vain to the views post I've been looking at what has been popular on the blog. Now, I originally wrote this post a while back, I know, kinda presumptuous of me, thinking that not much would really change and that I might have to up the figures by a couple before it went live. However, I think I've had to re write the post several times as the numbers keep changing and new posts become popular, even though I'm not sure why there has been a bit of a surge in viewing. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy that people are visiting, but it is something I will have to look in to at some point. Anyway, on the main event, the numbers;

Top 5 popular posts are;

Christmas Post from December 2015 with 68 views

Forge World Militarum Tempestus from Nov 2014 with 23 views

Cadian Formation from December 2015 with 22 views

2016; The plan from February 2012 with 20 views

Green Stuff from October 2015
My Christmas from January 2016 with 12 views apiece

Pages wise, most pages have had a view at some point or another with a few on 5 or 6 views, but the most popular ones have been;

About Me with 11 views and Dagr Ormr Militarium Tempestus and Hrossey Mechanised Infantry on 7 views a piece.

Ok, so its not the most thrilling of reads, but its interesting that the Forge World post is still one of the most popular posts. Despite being quite an old one, people keep visiting it every so often. And I'm not sure why the Christmas post is so popular!

Well, see where the next 150 posts gets us, (I mean apart from to the 250 posts point!).