Friday, 26 February 2016


I know I'm a little behind the curve on this one but i thought i would write a little about the new models from GW, namely the new SW Wolfen. While I don't like the models very much and the rules are somewhat over powered (as are a lot of new models), I have always liked the fluff.   As I've mentioned in the past my first marine army was space wolves, many many moons ago now though.

I don't have the full rules in front of me right now, mainly as I cant seem to find them anywhere, but I do have several 'bits' that have enabled me to hopefully have all the rules, but well see.
So the rules, well, it looks like there 150 points for 5 models, so getting up to terminator points, but 2 wounds, 3 attacks base and initiative 5. So not to shabby, only real downside I can see is armour 4+. There are a whole raft of special rules, including the usual ATSKNF, FNP, Acute Senses and Counter Attack, along with Rage and 'Curse of the Wolfen'. As befits a model like this its bulky, not that really means a lot.

When you look at this, things don't seem to bad, they can be taken down fairly easily as their only T4, but their are a number of extra rules. Such as being able to run and charge (Leaping Bounds) and being able to attack again if they die in combat, that's again as in if they have already attacked at initiative (Deathfrenzy).

The Curse of the Wolfen is a little long winded, but basically its a roll on a table job with some sort of effect depending upon if your in combat or not. It all seems a little long winded and time consuming if you ask me. Some of the rules are good, some are ok, but I think its all a little situational and geared towards close combat.

As for extras, well, things aren't much better here either, 12pts for a set of ap2 lightening claws? 8pts for a ap2 axe striking at initiative? or if that's not to your fancy, how about 2pts for a assault 3 grenade launcher? Undercosted anyone?

As for the other characters that were released,  Ulrik the Slayer, Wolf lord Krom, and the new Iron Priest. I haven't been able to get the rules for these, the only copies I can find are very blurry but I have seen a bit of the chatter on the net and again it all seems pretty OP. I might try and find some better copies at some point, but to be honest I'm not really that bothered about it.

Also, there is the new Deathwatch game. Which looks quite good, but I don't think I'll be getting it.