Friday, 4 September 2015

The armies of the 256th IBG

Well, as the title suggests this is a recap of the armies of the 256th Imperial Battle Group. This is mostly due to the new SM codex and the addition of the Dark Guardians DA successor chapter but also to recap where each project is and what the current plans.

As can be seen by the last couple of posts, there has been a few changes around the battle group, and this not only includes the Disciples and the Guardians but also extends to the two main Guard lists, with the recent inclusion of a Promethium Relay Pipes and the redeployment of the Valkyrie from the Hrossey MechInf to the Hjaltland LI. This has also meant that a number of units have also been transferred, namely the third Platoon of the Hjaltland LI have been transferred to the Hrossy MI and in return a Vet squad has gone the other way. This was mostly to take advantage of the flamer torrent rules that come with the pipe system but it also means that the LI maintain there antitank melta count. There are also a number of minor changes, namely in regards to the Missile Heavy weapons team which have also been moved with the platoon to the MI, to provide anti-air cover with the loss of the two flyers to the LI, as the Vendetta has also been put on permanent duty with the LI and is no longer shared. This means that the MI are fully ground based and mostly mechanized with just a small force of regular troops to hold the rear and the LI are all ground based with some highly mobile air based units.

These two armies will form my main fighting forces still, and as such are the focus of my painting efforts, although there has been little movement on that from since the KotN 15. I'm hoping that when the house move if finalised I'll be able to set up a permanent painting and modelling table, something I've wanted to do for years.

In addition to these changes, the Dagr Ormr have receive some reinforcements, in the form of Dreamforges Eisenkern Command Squad and Eisenkern Panzerjagers. This means that I will be able to field a good size force and when Anvil Industries get around to releasing there Unity Council APC, I'll be looking at adding 4, as Tauroxs', to form a ground assault formation, plus maybe 3 of their Republic's 'Instigator' Assault Reconnaissance Vehicles, as Tauros FA vehicles.

So in reality, there has been very little progress on the actual modelling and painting fronts, but a fair bit on the army list and fluff side of things, which is about right for my gaming.