Friday, 28 August 2015

Sunday night games night

Well, I got down to the Sunday club again last week and while I didn't get a game, mostly as there wasn't any. However there was a few games of Magic going on in the back ground. I spent most of the time talking, aka moaning, mostly about AoS and various 40k things. I like these sort of sessions as they give a chance to blow off some steam about something with others who know what your on about, the wife just doesn't get it and the bairns just want to eat the models, well one wants to eat them, the other want to crash cars in to them. I know there are various forums and groups, but there are a lot of haters out there and things can get a little to personal for my liking, mostly the insults. Its all very childish and unnecessary, so I tend to stay away. Talking in the group though is different as you all know each other and have some respect for each others opinions and actually take the time to listen and digest the info, rather then just ignoring it and carrying on as usual.

So what was the talk? Mostly about the future of 40k, and whether it will get AoS'd or not, we were all on the not side, but I also had a bitch about Tau Interceptor and Marker Lights. General agreement was made on the Interceptor but it seems I'm on my own with Marker Lights, oh well. but there is still a general hate of Eldar, well, I say hate, it was more the fact that they are wrongly played/costed by GW. They should be either an Elite army with there current rules but point cost increase or they should keep there current points but be nerfed pretty badly. We all agreed on the first case, they should be an elite army with strong powerful units with good fire power or combat, but with few models. A unit of guardians should be able to out shoot a squad of marines but cost more type of thing. Won't happen but one can hope, I think Tau are in for some nerfing though.

As for AoS, there is also of love for it round here, mostly as a number of players are vets of the 1st edition, which apparently was very similar. There is still some split of the new models, which I've mentioned that I like but a few think there too over the top. I know that there is a lot of hate out there for AoS right now, but the game has yet to settle and were still seeing the new system evolving. Time will tell if its successful.