Friday, 21 August 2015

Dark Guardians list

Well, this is the current list for the Dark Guardians. This may change as I get more info on the Ravenwing Detachment and the use of HQ choices for it.


Interrogator - 120

Tactical - 70

Tactical - 70

Company Veteran - 170
Plasma pistol, Combi-plasma, stormshields

Company Veterans - 185
powerfist, combi-melta, stormshield

Command Squad - 205
Champion, Standard, powerswords, stormshields

Deathwing Strike Force

Librarian - 115
ML2, Terminator Armour

Terminator squad - 220
assault cannon

Terminator squad - 220
assault cannon

Terminator squad - 220
heavy flamer, chainfists

Ravenwing Strike Force

Chaplin - 125 **
bike, plasma pistol

Ravenwing squad - 75

Ravenwing squad - 100

Ravenwing squad - 105

**Need some confirmation I can field this as part of the Ravenwing, if not, then the three bike squads will drop in to the CAD as FA options.

Tactical ideas are as follow; Tac squads do nothing but hide and camp on objectives, bikes charge up and cause as much havoc as possible while they survive and the termies drop in at some point when needed and hopefully where they are needed, using the ravenwing units to assist in the drop. The vets and the command squad along with the interrogator will form the mainstay of the army and go hunting across the table. A simple list, but probably a bit of a glass hammer with only a few expensive units.