Tuesday, 11 August 2015

AoS for 40k?

This is just a quick post to air a couple of thoughts. There have been a few posts around the place talking about 40k getting the AoS treatment. Although there has been quite a variety of suggestions as to how this will occur, from the full on AoS treatment with no points system and overly simplified rules, down to just a skinning down of the special rules. So what will happen, personally I think that it will just be a skinning down the special rules and some of the other rules in the main book, such as assault. It makes sense to skin down the special rules and make them more generic, maybe keeping the names but just attaching them to special rules in the main book. This will mean that some units and most races will loose some of their unique rules, but it will mean that there is less to learn and it becomes easier for everyone to understand the different rules of the other armies.

I don't think that the full no points treatment will happen, this is because 40k is still a very popular system and I think they will not mess with it to much for fear of driving off to many players. granted the main cash generators are the newer, younger players, but even so, vet players still have quite a presence. WHFB was a different kettle of fish entirely as it was a dying system with a dwindling pool of players and something drastic needed to be down to make it profitable. 40k is not in the same situation yet, we'll see if it ever does get there, not that I think that it will, despite what some may say.

So, I guess after all has been said and done, we'll just have to wait and see how the dust settles from AoS and whether 40k gets some of the same treatment.