Friday, 18 September 2015

AoS game (This is a twin post along side my other blog - Gaming for the Northern Lands)

Well, I got to see a game of AoS at the weekend, and although I didn't get to see the end of it, it looked like it was going to be a close game.

The battlefield

The game was between Skaven and Chaos, and while I cant tell you the complete lists I can tell you a few of the units involved. Skaven had Slaves, Flame cannon things, a couple of units of Jezzails, a Screaming Bell, Clan Rats, Doom Flayer, Engineers, Ratling Guns, plus some other units, while the Chaos had several units of warriors, a couple of Chariots, some Knights plus a Lord, some Dragon Ogres, and a Sorcerer. At least I think that was it, there may have been some other units but I cant remember and I'm not an expert on Fantasy/AoS stuff.

The field post deployment

There were some classic models on parade during the game, mostly on the Chaos side as the player was just returning to Fantasy after a long period out (and people say AoS has no appeal to new players!!)

Classic Warrior of Chaos

The game itself looked good, and although I wasn't playing, it still drew me in. There was lots of stuff being killed, although some things were proving very resilient, more so than I would have expected. Maybe this was due to the Skaven or due to the models themselves, in this I'm referring to the Dragon Ogres.

When I left the game was still going on, I cant remember how many turns had been played but it must have been on turn 3 or at least starting turn three. The Skaven were on the back foot but they had just started getting their big hitters in to combat as well as the hordes of Clan Rats, so things might have changed. I would have loved to stay until the end and see how it all played out but I had to leave to go baby sit for the wife. One reason why is for the way the forces were set up. They were using a modified tournament system, basically, still the I place/you place system but only allowing 1 more unit to be placed after one player has finished, also no named characters, unless declared before the deployment of the first unit. This seemed to work quite well, but like I say, I didn't get to see the end of the game to see how well this worked out, but if its being used in tournaments I guess it must work fairly well.

The games mechanics themselves, seem very good and easy to learn and play. The game itself was fast flowing and quick. I would definitely give it a go at some point, although I'll have to borrow an army.