Friday, 11 September 2015

The new/latest/final Eagle Knights list

I realised the other day that I have not posted the latest, and hopefully final, list for the Eagle Knights. So here it is.

Captain - 210
Valours Edge, Artificer armour, Storm Shield, Razorback

Priest - 96
Pistol, Angles Wings, Crown Angelic

Tac - 165
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Tac - 215
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Rhino, Stormbolter

Command Squad - 190
Standard, 3 Storm Shields, 3 Power Weapons

Vanguard - 215
5 Vets w/jump packs, 4x Lighting Claws, Power Axe, Power Sword, Power Maul

Death Company - 265
Jumppack, 3x power mauls, 3x plasma pistol, 2x thunder hammers, 2x boltguns

Lemartes - 130

Assault - 170
10x Marines

Assault - 200
10x Marines, power fist, Melta Bomb

Baal Pred - 145
Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armour

The plan is still pretty much the same as before. The Captain is with the Command Squad in the Razorback for picking up targets of opportunity, but also supporting the rhino and Baal. The Chaplin is with the Vanguard squad for taking down priority infantry targets, with the Death company targeting MC's and vehicles. The 10 man assault squads will support the Vanguard and the Death company, one squad to each. The tac squads will combat squad, with the foot slogging squad staying back and holding the line/objectives and the Rhino squad going with the Baal and Razorback for close ranged support. Their main aim is to take objectives and eliminate targets of opportunity as they go.

In this list, there is no dedicated AA or AT. AA its left mostly up to the Baal, with its twin-linked Assault cannons, and all the anti tank stuff is short ranged, powerfist/melta bombs and thunder hammers, but when it does get in to range its got a good chance of doing the job, lots of strength 9 on the charge! Still, I think its a good balance, but I'll have to play it at some point and see how it gets on. It could be a while before it hits the table though!