Friday, 5 June 2015

Space Marines pics

Well, it's been a busy week here with packing the house for moving, as such, there has been limited time to blog. Also, with the imminent release of the new Codex: Space Marine, there maybe a few changes to my Emperors Disciples SM force, which I will talk about as and when I know. So in the meantime here are some pictures of some of my marines. I'll apologise that some of these photos have been on the site before, I'll try and get some new ones up after the move.

First up are my Vanguard Veteran squad with jump packs. Again, most of the figures are DV Chaos ones, with a BA DC model thrown in for some loyal blood. I've removed most of the spikes and some of the iconography from the chaos models and I will be adding more details from the BA DC sprues and also the DA upgrade sprue. You can't see very well but there is a power maul, two sets of lighting claws, a power axe and a power sword in there, a bit of a mixed bag but pretty much able to deal with most threats up to Ap3.

This is my Sgt, with extra iconography. Again, he still has some work to be done, but I think he looks suitably mean for the job.

These guys are my Sternguard Vets, there are another 3 more that weren't pictured, including one with a power fist. They are a mix of old metal upgrades and plastic, which is why they have been earmarked as vets. There are plenty of chaos bits in there, apart from the metal up grades that is, most notably are the back packs.  

A close up of one of the marines to show off the white metal up grades. The chaos symbols will be left, as I don't want to damage the metal parts as they are old school and quite rare these days.

This is my Priest, (BA Sanguinary Priest), modelled with the Eagle Wings (BA Relics of Baal; The Angles Wings). He is a modified DV DA Librarian, with a BA DC chain sword and pad, with a one of the Vanguard Vet jump packs, placed on a 32mm base. I'm pretty happy with this model and once painted up in the appropriate colours it should look good.