Sunday, 21 June 2015

Hjaltland LI Pics

Here is this weeks post, unfortunately due to rubbish internet and house moves I haven't had a chance to look at the new SM codex and its implications for the Emperors Disciples, hopefully I will have a chance over the next week to post something. So instead you'll have to put up with some pictures instead.

Following on from the recent old army picture, I have put together a few pictures of my Hjaltland L.I. forces.

A few of the sergeants, showing off there squad markings. The ones on the right have had there bases prepped ready for flocking, after I've Quickshaded them that is.

Above and below are shots of one of the squads, I didn't realise until after that there should be a melta gunner in there, instead I'd put out 9 riflemen, not sure which ones the interloper though.

My Non FoC HQ units. Some may recognize the units from the DV box set. The Psykers on each end have been modified with DA bits with the force weapons and a shield on the right arms, both of which are only just visible. The CC Priest has also been modified with DA bits, visible with the chain hanging off his waist plus more on his back that you can't see. The Autogun wielding Priest is pretty much as is.

The commanders. On the left is actually the Dagr Ormr commander, but the other two are platoon commanders from the Hjaltland L.I. The centre one is from the command squad box but the other one, and his identical twin, are 2nd edition Lieutenants.

I'll see if I can get a few more pictures us here at some point of the other units and characters. Hopefully they will be better pictures, as these were taken with the Ipad and not my DSLR.