Friday, 12 June 2015

Space Marine Rant

Well, the new codex is almost here, and there are leaks abound, que the Nerd Rage! Er, no not really, in general I like the way 40k is going right now, and the way the new codices are done, apart from Eldar, but then no body but Eldar players like the way Eldar are! As for the new SM codex, I'm more interested in the new detachment and whether it will be better or worse than the CAD setup I currently use for my Emperors Disciples, and this got me thinking about the chapters and the DA codex rumoured to be next. I have tallied a bit about this when the new BA codex came out, but Ive been thinking about it recently again.

So what have I been thinking, well, GW is doing a good job so far and, if the SM codex stays similar to the last one, the chapter tactics were pretty much all good, although I would make some minor changes;

White Scars - cheaper bikes or more options for bikes, in terms of mounted weapons and also bikes as troops. All bikes come with TL bolsters, but why can't some have Flamers or melta, and trying not to step on the DA Ravenwings toes, plasma or grenade launchers. The White Scars are a bike crazy lot, I can't imagine that they haven't played around with their weapon loadout.

Imperial Fists - well, I wouldn't change much, just make the Heavy weapons slightly cheaper

Salamanders - well, we all know what's going to be said, cheaper flamers and meltas. Also more access to heavy flamers and hand flamers, as well as infernus pistols.

Iron Hands - just cheaper vehicles and dreads, maybe even cheaper Centurions.

Raven Guard - these are slightly odd ones, I do think that they should have greater stealth/shrouded rules to match the fluff and maybe cheaper assault marines.

Then there are the poster boys, the Ultramarines, these guys are the general jack of all trades and masters of none, the chapter tactics they have reflect this and seem about right.

Now when I've said things should be cheaper, that doesn't necessarily mean points wise, it could mean access to better and cheaper upgrades or just better special rules, taking the current chapter tactics further.

As for the other chapters, well, the wolves I think are just fine, their plodding along on their own quite happily, so just leave them to it. BA and DA on the other hand I think need some work.

BA need to go further from codex standard, with the Red Thurst becoming more pronounced and assault and combat becoming their forte. This may mean assault marines being troops again or even just being able to arm up Tac marines with CC weapons in addition to bolter and pistol. All the vehicles having fast or access to being fast is also right in my view. BA should become the up lose and personal brutal killers of the SM world, where DA should become the the dark moody teenagers.

By that I mean, they should become darker and more grim, focusing more on the hunt for the fallen and less on the imperium, their motives and aims all but I unfathomable. There should be greater emphasis on the Dearhwing and Ravenwings, with greater options and weapon choices, with a distinct plasma flavour. After all the DA are supposed to be masters of plasma tech, well, within the imperium anyway.

All this will give most of the main chapters some extra uniqueness, moving the current chapter tactics further along. One additional chapter, a second founding chapter that I think needs some attention as well is the Black Templars, these boys are ripe for flavour, they have plenty already, but I think it can be taken further and I definatly think they deserve their own codex. As to what should happen, I'm not sure, but with all the different units they have, something could easily be done.

Well, that's my thoughts, the only other thing I have to say is Grav Deva with amps!!! What! Grav-cannons, fine, but amps! If there that light why don't Centurions have two, one on each arm? You don't see a marine caring two las cannons do you! And, oh dear, assault marines still need some love, more options would be nice. Personally I'd love bolters, imagine that, a squad of marines jumping around, boltering stuff to death.

Well, here my fingers crossed for a good SM and DA codex!