Friday, 26 June 2015

The Dagr ormr pictures

 Well, if you haven't guessed, this is another filler post, and as such is continuing with the series of pictures. So here are some pictures of the 56th Dagr Ormr. These guys are made from Dreamforge Eisenkern Stormtroopers. Personally I like them a lot better then the GW Scions, as they have a lot tougher look to them, even if there a little skinnier, and almost have a mini marine look about them, which I think they should have, seeing as they are the best the IG can offer.

Vox caster on the left, with two Scions in the centre and a HS Volley gunner on the right. The HS Lasguns are modified Lasguns with scopes from Anvil Industries Sniper Scopes. The HS Volley gun is a homemade conversion using a flamer as the basis for the weapon.

Here is a view of the back packs with squad markings, the blue shows up a lot better on the table top.

This shows off the special weapons some more. The HS volley gun is in the middle, a simple design that is supposed to be similar to the standard HS gun. The melta gunner and plasma gunner are GW Scions with the Dreamforge heads. I don't like these guys as much as I think that there armour is to ornate and fiddly. I cut off the armour flaps at the waists and I think this helps them look cleaner but does leave the thighs a bit bare.

The next stage in the plan is to buy some Eisenkern Panzerjagers, or female storm troopers and also the command squad when it is released to form a full unit of MTs, add to this some APCs, possibly the new one from Anvil Industry, the Unity Council APC, provided it is of similer size to GWs Taurox, and vola, the MT Ground Assault Formation. Well, that the plan anyway.