Friday, 29 May 2015

AdMech and MT's

Well, AdMech if fully out, both Codex; Skitarii and Codex; Cult Mechanicus are out, along with all the models and I'm still not sold on them. They are both strong armies, Skitarii I think will be able to function on there own, Cult Mechanicus I'm less sure on as I haven't seen much in the way of skyfire. Either way, I'm not sold on them at all, although I'm looking at the new Electro-priests as possibilities to use as a Tech-Priest and Servitors, with some kit bashing, but more of that later. As for the rest of the models, I'm not sold on the look of either, something I've written about before. The abilities of both armies are good though and now most of the rules are known, I do not fancy facing either on the table top, although I do believe that they are both a bit of a glass hammer army.

As for the conversion of the Electro-priests, I'm considering converting one in a tech priest and one to a servo-arm for my AM army, and the other 3 as plasma cannon servitors for my Inquisition army. What I may end up doing though is just getting bits from Ebay or similar and kit bashing a couple of guardsmen, would save some money as I've got most of the bits. It'll be a while before I get around to doing anything about this though as my to do list is still pretty long.

First there is finishing off my guard infantry list, for which I have purchased a tin of Army Painter Quickshade, so I'll see how that goes. Next on the list is my Blood Angles army, the Eagle Knights. I have a paint scheme and an army list, just need to get it done. One item that may jump to the top of the list are my MT's. With Dreamforge releasing the new Command squad and the recent release of the Panzerjagers, both of which I want to complete my MT army. My plan is to get the pair of them when the command squad is released, get them sprayed up with the air brush and get them all on the table top together with my existing MT forces. I would like to get some of the new Anvil Industries Unity Council APC's, 4 to be precise, to make the Ground Assault formation, which will form a add on formation to any army. This will leave me with a few units, probably a command squad and 2 squads, which will be used as a separate CAD as deep striking support units.

The plan would be to arm up the formation with plasma and melta for the squads and volley guns for the command squad, with the Taurox Primes armed with opposite weapons, i.e. for the melta squad the Taurox would have a Gatling cannon. Troops pop the transport and the Gatling cannon takes care of the troops inside. The deep striking troops would be armed with just rifles, to drop in and act as support and sacrificial units if necessary.

Hopefully, it'll all come to fruition sooner rather then later, but well see.