Friday, 22 May 2015

A minor issue

Well, I've come across a minor issue with my IG forces. My Hjaltland LI, Hrossey Yeomanry and
 the Hildasay PDF and the rest of the Hamnavoe System were all named after real places. Not somewhere you would find on a map, well, not a modern map anyway but real places none the less. The names are not in current wide spread use, but are used a lot in the local area and even when not used they are well know. So how does this cause a problem?

Well, I originally went with the standard codex names, namely just called them Catachans, but as I developed my forces I wanted more of a personal back story and so I thought about names, settling on the names of several roman forts in the area where I live. However, I didn't live here at the time, as I had moved further north in to bonnie Scotland, as so naming my units after Roman forts in the NE of England was fine. It gave them a name and flavour, while keeping them all linked. When my family moved back to the NE, I decided to change the names, which was easy as I hadn't really put anything down on paper and hadn't started this blog. When I changed the name, I went straight to using a number of old place names from where we lived in Scotland, for the same reasons, it gave them some flavour and tied them all together. Now were moving back up, and my question is, what do I do? Do I just keep the names, or do I change them back?

Its a little harder to change the names now that I've created this blog and put pen to paper, and in many ways it wont make much difference to the armies. I suppose its more about me being a wimp and not wanting to get laughed at for having written all this stuff down, let a lone broadcast it to the world! Oh well, I enjoy it and I suppose that's all that really matters. Not that it solves the problem!

On a side note, the move may well help with my lack of games in recent months, as the games night would switch from Thursday nights to Sunday afternoons, combined with the fact that I wouldn't be working evening/nights anymore either. The only issue might be the winter indoor cricket season up there is also played on the Sunday afternoon, and I'll getting back in to that as well!