Friday, 8 May 2015

Imperial guard forces

I found this while looking through old photos. Its a rather poor quality picture of all my IG forces laid out in rank and file. I'm not sure when this was taken, but it was about a year ago and there are some models missing and the force has changed a bit since then. At the time, I was planning on just one big army, with all the models lumped in together, but that has changed to form the 3 smaller armies, with separate styles. I'll try and get new photos of the new setup if I can, but it might be a while as everything's in boxes in preparation for moving house.
So what can be seen, well, I'll start with the easy stuff. Back right are my Russ', 1 old skool LRBT, 1 new LRBT and 1 new LR Demolisher. and on the left are a Chimera, which had been joined by 2 more, and two Chimera chassis, which are now Wyverns. Just in front of the Chimera's are my 3 sentinels, all with magnetised weapon options.
Across the middle of the table are all my infantry units, with the centre two and right hand ones being lead by PCS'. Each platoon is formed of 5 squads with PCS in front and 2 special weapon squads behind. At the back, the small clumps of men are my heavy weapon teams, loosely grouped in to 3 team units. At the very front are, from L to R, Priests and Pyskers, with Commissars slightly behind, my main command squad in the centre with the 9 Ratlings on the right. Off to the left is a lone figure, that is the main man Marbo. The three squads off to the left, in front of the Sentinels', are the three vet units.
With this setup, I could run a full FoC, with units in every slot. Granted it was pushing it slightly, running 3 Sentinels for the 3 FA slots, but I could do it. I have a few extra units these days, namely my Hellhound, Vendetta and Valkyrie. So technically, I have to many options as I have one FA choice over. I would like to get some pictures of the new setup sometime, but like I said were in the middle of trying to move and so a lot of items are boxed in the loft, ready to go.

Its funny to see all the models laid out but I does make me think, I defiantly have far to many models!