Friday, 20 February 2015

Taking the plunge

Right, I've decided to go a head and get all the bits for my Eagle Knights force. It took a bit of pondering but I've decided to get on with it and buy stuff. Now, this wasn't quite the process I thought it would be, as I had a picture in my mind of what I wanted when I started out. This was detailed in an earlier post (here) but things went in a slightly different direction in the end!

My initial plan was to buy the jump packs from Maxmini, Silver wing designs and the Iron pattern jump packs. I also considered adding some Matter Displacement Pistols to the order, which, with a little conversion, could have been converted to hand flamers. I was going to purchase a pack of 10 the fusion pistols. More than I actually needed but for what I was going to spend, it would have worked out a lot more economical. From GW I was going to order a  Dark Angles Chapter Upgrade Frame, and an additional 15 jump packs. I had. Adios reasons for choosing the DA frame over the Iron Hands and Black Templars ones,  but it came down to more usable parts for less money.

However, this isn't how it all worked out, and thanks mostly due to ebay the plan went a little, what do I actually have? Well, I have a part complete DA upgrade frame from a friend for free, it was only missing the vets bodies and a few shoulder pads plus minor things, most of the weapons and accessories are still there, and ebay has so far provided; 5 death company jump packs, 5 vanguards vet jump packs, 5 normal packs and 2 complete death company sprues both from Deathstorm. The DC sprues contain 2 infurnus pistols and 2 hand flamers each, plus 5 jump packs on each, meaning I have a total of 25 packs. This is a little short of the ultimate goal of 40 for a complete squad of vanguard vets and 3 complete assault squads, but it is more than what I need to field the Vanguards strike formation, with extras.

So, all in all, reality is nothing like the plan, but that's ok, as I saved money. The two DC sprues cost a little over half of buying them new from GW, and I saved a few quid on the original plan. This little lot wasn't cheap, even with the money saved but hopefully this will be all I will need to complete both sets of SM Chapters, although I many need a few bits for the Disciples, mostly more bolters, but I can get them from the local GW 2nd store, the great and wonderful Grahams Wuerkshoppe. If your ever in the North East of England and are in to 40K or WHFB they shop is well worth a visit!

I'll try and get some pictures up here of the conversions if I can, they won't be painted as I haven't got to the paint table yet this year and I don't know how long it will be till I do, but I shall post them anyway!