Friday, 6 February 2015

kotN post

Right, I've had a quick look at the points costs, I think I'll have to reconsider my plans.

The MT unit would be about 350 points in current form, with command squad and two troops,

The Stormlord would be between 480 and 585 points depending upon load out,

The vanguard assault formation, which I need to find my WD and check the rules, but potential could be up to about 800 points, but will prob be between 280 and 680 points, depending upon numbers and war gear,

The disciples allies with stenguard, Tac and Libby will run from 255 to 457 points,

All told, the points could range from 1365 to 2072 points, but would more likely come in at 1512 points with the options I would want. This makes quite a dent in my avaliable points for the main IG force! So, some stuff is going to be dropped, most likely starting with the Stormlord as its the one thing I dont have a model for, which would drop the points to about 1050. Still quite a few points, but still gives a lot for the IG.

Having the strenguard and the vanguard formation means that I can drop some of the units from my IG list without loosing anything offensive. The MT's unit I feel is important as it means I can challenge some units in the oppositions back field or force then to reconsider all out attacks by placing units behind and in front. I also plan on using the vendetta as sternguard transport, which means I can get them to pretty much any point on the board that I need them from turn two. With a ML2 Libby plus two ML2 primaris psykers gives me a few psykic dice to use, to try and buff my IG units mostly.

I do really want to run a different list, not just from usual but just different and fun, mostly just cos I feel like having some fun and using units I haven't used before.