Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Well, harlequins are out, more or less, and we've a good idea of their abilitys and powers.

So far I'm not overly impressed. Granted, I don't fancy meeting these guys and girls in combat any time soon, but they are a glass hammer. T3 models are easy to remove, being a guard player I know this from experience, and their vehicles are not as good as some of the other Eldar ones. There are also a number of nerfs, the skimmer holo-field shield thingy has been nerfed to 5++ from the CWE version, a possible look ahead to what Eldar players are facings? I think that a lot of Quins will be riding in hired rides from DE, namely Raiders.

The psykic powers are good, but not overly powerful and with the 7th ed changes to the way of casting, their no more or less likely to work than anyone else. I've had games where I got ever power I wanted and some where I couldn't cast a single useful one! I think that they could be excellent in the right conditions and if the right powers come off, at the right time then shooty armies like guard and Tau are screwed.

I can see a few players down my club picking up a number of these guys, and that wont be fun as they already have pretty well sorted if slightly WAAC armies already (although not necessarily the WAAC attitude). But that's the nature of the game and I'm happy with that.

As with the Necron codex, I've not really got a lot to say about things, not from lack of interest this time, but because I don't think that they will being anything special to the game that isn't already available to CWE and DE players already. Both have good CC units and transports and both are battle brothers, so no issues with mix and matching units.

One things that has peaked my interest though is the new sisters rumours. New plastic sisters are very exciting! I've no sisters right now but I could defiantly find space for a small unit in with my guard units.