Friday, 27 February 2015

KotN first 2000pts list

Right, this is my first draft list for the Kings of the North. I've been pondering this since Christmas, and thinking over the list for the last week or so.

So the list:

Fortification - 100
Aegis w/Quad gun


HQ - 305
Command Squad
Boltgun, MoO w/laspistol, OotF w/laspistol, Standard, Carapace

Non FoC HQ
Preist w/autogun
Primaris Psyker
Primaris Psyker

Troops - 330
Platoon 1
PCS w/4 flamers
Squad 1 w/flamer
Squad 2 w/flamer

Platoon 2
PCS w/4 Grenade launchers
Squad 1 w/Autocannon
Squad 2 w/Autocannon

Fast - 170

Elite - 270
Scion Platoon
Scion Command, Vox, 3x HS Volley Guns
Squad 1 w/Vox
Squad 2 w/Vox

Heavy - 130
2x Wyvern

Allies - 305


Tactical Squad

Sternguard w/Combi-plasma

Vanguard Veterans Formation - 415

Vanguard Veterans, Jump packs, 3x Power Weapons, 2x2 Lighting Claws

Assault Marine, 3x Flame Pistols

Assault Marines

Well, that's the list. I like it but I think there is a lack of anti armour. If I turn up against an armour heavy list, I will be a little stuffed, same as if I face a Knight. So I should probably get some melta weapons in. I'd like to give one of the Scions squads 2 meltas and also a PCS some meltas, but that going to cost a few points and I'm not sure where there going to come from, dropping one set of lighting claws would help, but I want them for my assault force. So where do I look to for the points??