Tuesday, 3 February 2015

'Crons and 'Quins

Well, the Necron codex is out and I really don't have a lot to say about it. This is mostly for 3 reasons, foremost of these reasons is that I don't really care. I say that in a nice way, as no one I know plays necrons, there use to be a player but he's dissappeared from the club. I've also not run in to them in the few tournaments I have attended and so they have little affect on my game, something I feel is likely not to change with the new codex. The other reasons are that there were no real new models, yes, there was a new Lord but little else that I know of, so little to get excited about there and finally, there were Harlequins.

I'll come back to the harlequins in a second, I'll just wrap up the Necrons first. The codex is pretty much as expected by the sounds of it, nerfs where they were expected, snap shooting tesla and flyer points adjustments come to mind, and there were buffs where they were needed to, mostly to points costs and reanimation (or what ever its called) I believe. Again I've not really looked in to it too much as it doesn't really affect me but there seems little out cry from the meta and I haven't see ebay chocked full of Necron armies, so all in all I guess it's nothing ground breaking.

Harlequins on the other hand look very interesting. Now I plan on buying nothing, I'm not an Eldar player, dark or craftworld, but they are an iconic unit in the game. I love the fluff around Death Jesters and Solitaires, almost as  much as the imperial assassins, namely the Vindicars. I am looking forward to seeing next weeks releases, which look to include the Death Jesters, and another troupe, of an unknown type, possibly more shooty, and the Starweaver transport/jet bike.

My hunch for the Starweaver is a duel kit, like the DE transport/gun boat, I'll have to look up the name ( Raider and Ravenger) but more like the venom, with a small fast transport ( 5/6 capacity ) and a support unit with AT weaponry. As the rules so far, they defiantly point to glass hammer units. I would not like to get in to CC with them at all, the only advantage I would get would be shear weight of numbers from a blob squad of guard, as marines and small squads will end up like mince meat flairly quickly. Thats provided they get in to assault, and at T3 that's not so easy when your foot slogging across the board, trust me I've tried a few times! Being able to blast across the field in a transport and assault out will make them a lot more dangerous, even from the bottom of Turn 1 with a max range of 24" ( 6" vehicle, 6" disembark, 12" charge, with fleet I blieve??). So any units that moved forward turn one or even scouted/infiltrated will be in range of early CC and CC is where 'Quins like to be.

So when they do hit the table it will be bolters and lasguns at the ready and try and get the right psykic powers, namely Forewarning (4++), Foreboding (overwatch at full BS) and Misfortune (rending), and use a priest in a 30 man blob squad to bury them in dice! Well, that would be the plan anyway.