Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Starting 'em young!

So, the other week, the little man was pestering me to play with the "little men", so we went upstairs to play with some old push fit style (possibly Assault on Black Reach models?) models. At this point he started asking about painting, so after a few more days of pestering, i gave in and let him paint a few models. Now, i was thinking that he could paint one of the little push fit ones, but the little man had other ideas. Que the DV bikes. Oh, and because the litle man was having a go, the young lady had to join in!

The young ladies, age 2 and a half

The young mans, age 5 and a half.

Of course, as the kids were having a little go, I though that I would too. This is the first draft of the Dark Guardians incomplete paint scheme.

Dad, age 34