Friday, 11 August 2017

Hrossey campaign

Well, with the arrival of 8th, I have decided to spice up my little part of the 40k universe. The fluff for 8th lends itself to starting a sort of mini campaing on my blog, with the cicatrix maledictum rift cutting the universe in half, even though there doesn't seem to be much of the segmentum pacificus that's affected. In all the maps the segmentum pacificus seems to be stuck on the side as an after though, "oh, isn't there supposed to be a bit on the map over here?" "Er? Is there? Oh just stick it on and no one will notice". At lest were the right side of the rift and can still see the holy light of terra.

But how exactly are the current event going to impact on the Hamnavoe system? Well with the recent uprising on hjaltland being put down by force and the demoshing of the fighting capacity of both hjaltland and hrossey, now is a good time for those forces behind the hjaltland uprising to put the second part of their plan in to action, the rising of the "hero's of hrossey".

So the cult moves on, starts afresh and tries again. However, with the crisis enveloping the galaxy at large, things are not quite as simple as they seem. For while the forces of chaos have become emboldened, they aren't the only ones to see new opportunities. For with the anarchy on the planet in full swing, dark elder pirates see a chance for plunder and slaves, several small tomb of rival necron warriors arises from the dirt, the mechanicus arrive on the scent of old technology unearthed by the new conflict, even a small force of tau arrive, bewildered and disorientated, thrown across the galaxy by the forces of the warp and harlequins dance their dance of death.

In such a melting pot, who knows what will happen, who will be victorious, if indeed, some even wish to be victorious! The forces of the imperium will not however be going quietly in to the night and will be standing strong in the face of all who would stand against them.

What does this mean? Well every battle that I play, I will record both as a simple batrep and also as part of a greater naritive campaign. I won't be doing some grand map or anything, it will just be a simple story driven campaign, mostly played out in my head and documented here and also on here, where I post up the narrative side of my hobby. The first battle has already occurred between the forces of the mecanicum and the hjaltland LI, and will be hopefully be up next week in batrep form, along side some thoughts about my first game of 8th.

Hopefully this will result in a fun little side story on the blog and give my games a little bit of extra depth, plus its just fun for me. So, it'll take a while but any bets on what will happen to the planet of Hrossey?

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