Friday, 25 August 2017

Other Imperial 8th ed armies

I thought that I would look at the other armies that I have in my collection and for this post, that means focusing on the Hrossey Yeomanry, with a little bit about the Hildasay PDF.

Ill start with the Yeomanry and what seems to be the main changes to the army. The first thing that needs sorting is now the fact that Straken and Pask have two different key works (Catachan and Cadian) and can't be in the same detachment. So its got to be two detachments, which isn't really a problem. The other issue is that vets are now elite choices, as are command squads. This leaves me with a large number of elite choices, so forces me to use the vanguard detachment. I will also have to be careful to keep all the infantry who can receive orders in one detachment so that they can actually make use of them.

The armored might of the Hrossey, still needing a bit of work!

Ill round own through the list from the top again, the same as previous posts and see where the main changes are going to be.

First up, the Hq units, Pask and Straken. Both of these units had to be taken in squads before, but now run solo, so while the characters have stayed the same, the squads have separated.

The elite section on this list is slightly ridiculous,  as with both the command squad and vets now being elite choices, the section is now packed full. Combine this with the fact that commissars are also elites,means that there are now 6 units in the elite section in the list (3x vets, 2x commissars and a command squad). In addition to these units, there are also 4 chimeras. While these are technically in the dedicated transport section, they will be providing a ride for the vets and command squad, so its worth mentioning here.

Wanna lift? Two ebay purchases in need of alterations, twin heavy flames are not the greatest for chimeras, even in 8th.

On the contrary the troop section is bare, as in there are no units, as the list contains neither infantry squads or conscripts.

The fast attack section has stayed exactly the same as before, with the scout sentinels and hellhound. I stuck with the scout sentinals mostly because I still think their rules are better for what I want. Yes, armored sentinals are tougher (better save) but I want a cheap maneuverable unit to hit specific targets, which is where scouts are better ( cheaper, quicker and have a scout move).

The heavy support, section has been extended slightly, due to the changes to the tank commanders. Now the other two Russ's now occupy space in this area, running as two separate units, as there is little point running them as a unit. Also the heavy weapons teams are now in the heavy support section. With the change in the way that the imperial guard now works, as in the removal of platoons, it had meant that I can drop the infantry squads and platoon command squads and add in extra heavy weapons.

All in all the list has not changed much, just a few minor tweaks here and there, mostly to take account of the changes in the way that the guard now operate. I'll go through the list in more detail in the next post.

The other guard army that I have is the Hildasay PDF, although this was mostly a paperwork exercise and an excuse to use up the many spare models that I possess. The plan was to build a heavy weapons heavy force with as few a number of troops as possible. However, with the change in rules, a new plan has emerged. As a result of the heavy weapons teams now being heavy support, one of tthe only benifits is that I can now include them into the Dagr Ormr force easily, without any need for troops, which was one of my original thoughts. So the Hildasay PDF will now be supporting the Dagr Ormr scions with heavy weapon support, bringing a mass of mortars and lascannons. The other advantage of this arrangement is that it enables me to place all of the scion units into reserve, just placing the PDF units on the table and being able to counter my opponents deployment.

This does mean that the force will not become a fully fledged 2000 point army but will likely be around 5 or 6 hundred points in total. The current list consists of a company commander, a couple of platoon commanders and half a dozen heavy weapons teams, namely a couple of lascannon squads, a couple of mortar squads and a couple of heavy bolter squads.

Whilst I would have liked to have built up the force as a proper army, its just to practical or sensible, as I have plenty of models left to paint was it is, plus I wood have needed to pad out the scions somehow. I won't include the list in the next post, as I will post a full 2000 point Dagr Ormr list soon, after i write up the battle report from last weekend, the the Dagr Ormr went up against the Tau Empire.