Friday, 18 August 2017

Dark Guardiand 8th - Dark Angles

I was going to lump all the other marine armies in to one post, but I have decided to pull the Dark Guardians in to a separate post as this will be my second marine army and will receive the most attention after the Eagle Knights. The army will still play in a very similar way to before, although the bikes role has now changed, as preciously they were there to help the termies land on target. With the elimination of scatter, this is no longer an issue and so the bikes are freed up to do what was their secondary role, that of objective grabbing.

So how much of the list will actually be changing? Not a lot really, as most of the models were fairly standard with few if any unique units or wargear. The army probably had the fewest number of relics and so has note hampered by the temporary loss of such things. We'll have to wait until the codex drops before we can really see how the final list looks but I don't expect there to be many changes.

So what will the list be?

Well, I haven't really had a fix list yet for the Guardians. Previous lists either contained a CAD in addition to Deathwing and Ravenwing or once the formations came out contained the Lions Blade Strike Force, plus the formations for Ravenwing and Deathwing. Each of these lists contained various elements that I didn't really want to include, such as tactical marines, but in order to get the various benefits, such as object secured and required units, they were needed. Now, with the latest updates from Chapter Approved, objective secured is back for troop choices, however, I will not be including any troop choices at this point, as I don't need to and don't want to.

So, the list will be formed of terminators and bikes. The terminators will be the main hitting force, dropping in in pairs, one long ranged unit with assault cannon and one short ranged unit with heavy flamer and combat weapons, mostly lightening claws. The general idea is that on the turn that they drop in the shooting guys will let rip on to various targets, taking out any priority targets that may be able to damage the termies, the close range guys will try a charge in to a unit, but will most likely have to wait a turn to strike. hopefully this approach will mean that the termies have a higher chance of surviving the return fire that will come back during the turn that they have to sit exposed. Granted this is a bit of an all or nothing approach, but with the knowledge that there is no rolling for reserves and that all the units will come in at the same time, it should hopefully be enough to overwhelm the enemy and enough will be able to survive to strike back.

The bikes will also be on the table during al of this. They are mostly going to be armed the same, with a plasma gun in each squad, and will charge around trying to get objectives and collect maelstrom points across the board, they will be the mobile element with the terminators will be the punch. The only unit that will be different will be a unit armed with chain swords that will accompany the a Chaplin and be used for targeting enemy mobile elements, mostly to just try and hold them up to enable them to be targeted by other units.

So the actual list;

Company master w/terminator armour, chainfist, combi-melta   (to go with Chainfist squad)
Deathwing terminators w/ assault cannon, 1x chainfist (with assault squad)

Deathwing terminators w/ assault cannon, 1x chainfist (with assault squad)

Deathwing terminators w/ heavy flamer, 3x chainfist (with Company Master)

Deathwing terminators w/ heavy flamer, 3x Lightning claws (with shooting squad)

Deathwing terminators w/ heavy flamer, 2x Lightning claws, 1x thunder hammer and storm shield (with shooting squad)

Chaplin w/bike, power fist (with chainsword squad)
Ravenwing squad w/ plasma gun (running solo)

Ravenwing squad w/ plasma gun (running solo)

Ravenwing squad w/ plasma gun (running solo)

Ravenwing squad w/ 3x chainswords (with Chaplin)

So that's the list, not the most effective list, but nicely themed and hopefully fun to play with. It'll be while until its ready to play, as after I finish the Eagle Knights, the Dagr Ormr are on the pain table. I'll probably try and get a game or two played with them anyway.