Friday, 25 November 2016

The new GW, moving at speed

While I have finished writing up the Northern Invasion 4 batreps and reviews, I still have a couple of friendly battle reports to write up, two games I played withthe Eagle Knights after I had finished my tournament games. At the present rate these will probably  not appear till after the new year now, as there are a few other posts that have planned and GW keep throwing their spanners in The works! I will be posting  up a review of the new BA formations, or rather my view on the ones that will be ofany use to me and also a modified Eagle Knights list, taking in to account the new formations. In addition my club had an open day a last weekend, so a post will be fling up about that. But right now I'm gonna talk about the run of GW releases, especially this;

Now, I know a few people have been a bit down about what this may hold, but I'm really excited! Were looking at Sisters, of both the battle and silent variety, plus inquisition and assassins. This is just great, many of the things I want to field all together in one place! Now, it does mean that I might have to have a rethink. The latest rumours that I have read are suggesting that alongside the Sisters of Battle, there will be Assassins, Inquisition, Grey Knights and Deathwatch. Now, I'm not sure on this, as Deathwatch have just had a codex and Grey Knights have their own, full codex already. So, unless this just contains a few pre-set formation, I cant see how it will contain them. Either way it gives me some problems. GW are really on a roll at the moment in terms of releases, with this book and also the Traitor Legions book, along side the new Thousand Sons stuff, plus bringing back lots of OOP models through Made to Order. Then there is Blood Bowl! This may see me buying some models for that as well, luckily you don't need many!

With all these different releases and the speed at which they are being released is really good but is causing me no end of headaches in terms of my model collection! With every new Imperial release, I have to completely re-evaluate my armies, and with the latest release I will have to have a major rethink!

I love SoB's and have wanted some in my collection for a while, with the release of plastic sisters, I will be getting some, but I cant just keep adding to my collection of grey plastic. With the release of the Angels Blade and the new BA Demi-Company, the Eagle Knights will be getting a reshuffle, as I'll talk about in a future post, and the Dark Guardians are still on hold and probably will be for some time. I really want to start a Deathwatch force to go with my Inquisition, as I like all the rules and the kill team setup and it fits in with my fluff. However, with a Sisters army and a Deathwatch force, it mean somethings got to give. Unfortunately first on the chopping board are the Emperors Disciples. As a vanilla marine army they are probably my least favourite army and lack some of the character of the Knights and Disciples. Also up for the chop are all the extra Guard models I have lying around. I think that selling the models is the best way to go, as it will release funds and also clear space. It will be sad to see them go, but there not needed here and I've only got limited space to store things. Some stuff wont be sold, some of the Disciples marines will be redeployed to the Knights, to fill out the Demi-Company, and some of the Guard will be seconded to the Inquisition, for the possible formation of a second retinue should it be necessary to split the Inquisitors.

So in the end I should end up with my Hjaltland LI, Hrossey MV, Dagr Ormr MT, Eagle Knight, Dark Guardians, Inquisition, SoB and Deathwatch. Its gonna take a while and probably going to change again!