Tuesday, 1 November 2016

NI4 Game 1

Game one started off on shaky ground, my original opponent was the young lad with a box of models, one one I had a good moan about last post, but as we couldn't get the army list together, the tournament organizer stepped up with his chaos black legion. He force was a good around list, with 5 termies and a sorcerer in termie armour, two squads of marines, one with a lord, a bike squad and a rhino backed up by a squad of havocs. 

My opponent deployed across the board, with termies on his right, marines in the middle and left, clearly going after the objectives, the bikes and empty rhino were also on the left with the havocs at the back to provide some long range firepower.

My deployment was along my standard lines, however I had gained 2 units outflanking due to my warlord trait, along side relentless, and as such a blob squad and priest were outflanking. The rest set with wyverns at the rear, blob in front with pcs to the left (right on picture!) and c's on the right In The building, to give the snipers some height.

Its hard to tell deployment from turn one, mostly as nothing has moved!

Turn 1

The pictures above are actually from turn one,thought they were deployment, but on closer inspection you can see the marines have move forward. Nothing else really happened for him as he ran most things and took a few pot shots with the havocs. My turn was not much different, my MoO scattered wildly, about 15 inches or so! As did my wyverns, about 10 for them i think, even with the reroll,which was worse then the original roll! However, the shot clipped a havoc,despite the fact I'd been shooting at the marines in the center! As a result the 5 marines were blown back to the warp, and I gained first blood and a point, and they wyverns started as they would continue for the rest of the tournament.

Turn 2
My opponent continued his advance, getting a marine on to the right objective on top of the building and pushing forward with all the other units, including using a psychic power to jump a bunch of marines right up to my right, just on the corner of the center building. Pot shots were taken by the rest of the units with little damage sustained.

My turn 2 and things get interesting. All my reserves are on and mostly doing there job. The vendetta kills off the rhino and the valkyrie and the blob take out half the bikers. The wyverns helps out too, although with the low numbers doesn't do as much damage as I'd like. Still at this point I'm confident I can secure a win.

Turn 3

And my confidence take a bit of a knock. The marine squad that were jumped get up on the building and make it in to combat and start munching through guardsmen, the termies on the left turn and over the psychic, shooting and assault phases, destroy the outflanking guardsmen with little trouble. Points wise, were pretty even at this point, but I've got a plan!

The destruction on the outflanking unit, already down from 21 to 8 and yet to strike any blows in combat.

Turn 4

Things go from bad to worse for my guardsmen!

Yes, that is a daemon prince

The chaos gods decide that the sgt is doing a fantastic job and gift him with princedom, thus a daemon prince appears in the middle of combat, the remaining guardsmen, priest and two psykers are slain with ease for 4 points! Not only that, butte command squad in contacted by the bikers. A little cheeky on themove I think, withthe bikes moving from one side of the building to the other by going over the top, not sure about that? But they passed there difficult terrain tests, so ill let it go.

The combats.

Termies moving for the objective, just out of shot are my pcs who were running for the same objective but though better of it when the remaining termies, the Libby and sgt?, gave them a bit of a spanking. The rest of the squad had died to the wyverns and vendetta, the valkyrie whittling down the marines on the otherside of the board. 

Turn 5

No pictures here, but it was pretty clear at this point I'd won. My flyers had dropped off their cargo in the last round and both squads were heading to their objectives. The chaos troops consolidated on the objective in my deployment zone and the bikes tried in vain to kill my warlord. I also went for objectives, forgoing trying to kill anything. My wyverns went flat out for the left objective, as the termies had tried to take out the last of the pcs who were going for the center objective, they failed but so did the pcs. The plasma command squad ran for the opposition's home objective and the vets went for the objective on the right that lord was sitting on. I should have charged but decided to run.the lord was on one would and my squad was still 11 strong (vets plus priest) and may have been able to take out the lord. There was also a little bit of rule bending going on on my side. My bloke was just about quarter of an inch from the base of the wall and I rolled a 3 on my run move, I placed him up on the next level, a 3 inch move, but should I? To be honest if it was the other way around I would have been happy to let my opposition do the same. It claimed me the objective from the lord due to the vets being troops.

The dead pile, I'd completely forgotten about the spawn! The charged in to the blob squad on turn 2 and were very quickly dispatched.

End game, the vets are missing from the right hand building, you can just see the lord on top. My warlord is just out of shot the bottom, the last survivor of the command squad.

At the end game the points were - 13 to me (FB, LB, 4 Kill points, 7 objective points) and 10 to my opponent (LB, 3 obj, 7 KP). So a win to me and a food start to my campaign.

As for the battle plan, everything went as planned. I had hoped to keep my objective contested and might have been able to if the daemon prince hadn't turned up, but that's the luck of the dice. On to round 2!