Friday, 18 November 2016

NI4 Game review

Well, after completing 4 games during northern invasion 4, three of which counted and a fourth which didn't, I came away with a nice little trophy. All of my games were great fun and my opponents friendly and good sports. So after all these games, what did I learn?

To be honest and without trying to sound big headed, not a lot. There were some lessons learnt, as there is every time I play a new player or army, or even a different form of an know army. I will go in to these in a second, button the whole I didn't learn much for one simple reason, my army list hasn't changed much in several years. There have been a few additions and subtractions over that time, but the core units have remained the same and I've tried all sorts of different tactics and play styles in that time, so now I know my army and their rules inside and out. Its this knowledge that served me well and why I didn't learn anything ground breaking during the weekend.

So, what did I notice?

Some people still haven't grasped the concept of playing the objectives. I don't mean this as in they completely ignore the objectives, but more in terms that they try and hold objectives from turn 2. Sitting in the open from turn 2 is not a good idea for any unit really, you only need the objective on turn 5. Stay away and stay hidden, move only when you need to, something I learnt the hard way along time ago.

Psykers are still a pain, either to remember to actually use, for those who don't use them much, and to keep track off, for those that do. Buying the psychic power cards was one of the best things I did. I use them in every game, granted only the Divination ones, and place them on top of any unit which has had powers used on them. This can be an issue with prescience, as I run two Psykers but only have one card! A few times, those FNP rolls were forgotton or the extra invun save, sometimes it would have made no difference, sometimes it might. Keeping track of your powers and also knowing exactly what they do has always seemed to be an issue. I always run the same set of powers, divination, so I've have become quite use to their powers and how to play the them.

The AM/IG Orders seem to confuse a few people. I've had some try and dispel them, some argue that I can't use them as the psychic phase was over, even people tell me I can use an order as I used it last turn. I guess that its just something different that not many people use. There is not really anything similar in other armies, so I can understand the confusion. One thing I have to remember is not to waste orders, like issuing ignores cover on a marine squad who are going to be using a 3+ armour save and not a 5+ cover save! It doesn't happen very often but I do it occasionally. Also, sometimes there are no orders worth issuing, so its pointless issuing order for that sake of it, not only does it waste time but it does kinda look silly as well.

One other, related point is know your rules. Whilst I know the majority of my rules, there are some I will have forgotten, and with all the rules in the game its not surprising. However, some people seem not to know many of theirs, they know they have the rule but not what it means or even where to find them. I've got rules wrong in the past (see below!) but I know 90% of my rules and a good portion of the main rules. Some people seem to need to recheck their rules every turn, I don't know if this is lack of confidence or knowledge but it is time consuming.

As for getting rules wrong, I've been playing Overwatch wrong! I've never taken/allowed cover saves from Overwatch. At the tournament I've learnt that you can take saves. I have always played it as the enemy has charged up and as such aren't in cover, so no cover saves but if I had thought about it, I would have realised I was playing it wrong, as you do Overwatch before movement, with the models in their original place and so would take account of cover etc. So not only can this cause you to fail a charge by loosing men but in theory can mean you couldn't charge, as you can't charge what you can't see. Something to remember, probably most useful for the D.Angles.

When I read though this post it makes me sound like a grumpy old man! Believe it or not, its not supposed to be a dig at other players, which even i have to admit it sounds a lot like it! They were the few thoughts that occurred to me over the course of the tournament, and I though I would put it down on paper, so to speak.

The next tournament up this way is the club Xmas tournament, which I shall unfortunately miss as I will  south with family. This will be the third Xmas tournament I will have missed, which is slightly annoying as there good fun by all accounts, generally including all sorts of silliness. Hopefully ill join in one year!

Ill leave this here, as when I was sorting out for outer open day (posts to follow at some point!) I came across my score card for Northern Invasion 4.

modified to 13, 12, 18 (missed a kill point on the last game) total 43