Friday, 4 November 2016

NI4 Game 2

Game two and I was not looking forward to this one, having seen the army I was about to face. There were only 2 armies I was not keen on facing, this one and the tyranids army.


I had first turn this time around, and chose to go for my usual deployment. The main issue was that in both deployment zones there were entrenchments, I went for the bigger one in the end but this meant some lateral thinking was requires for the pipe line. In the end I placed it behind to make use of the torrent rule for the flames negating the need to have the flames at the front. The second blob squad was prepared to take the flank. I can't find my notebook at the moment, but from memory I gained preferred enemy and an 18" orders range warlord traits and my opponent gained. Some fancy necron thing, aka zealot. 

My deployment

The Necrons also went fairly defensive, but with 2 monoliths, one barge, an ark and a skimmer thing, not to mention the big walker thing as well, all at armour 13, I was slightly worried.

Necron deployment 

The monoliths

Stalker sitting on top of a building

Turn 1

For the most part turn 1 was pretty dull, the monoliths moved forward as did the bike things (tomb blades), the other skimmer (annihilation barge) and the walker (stalker). My wyverns had previously done a number on a squad of warriors, continuing the trend of turn one first blood.

Turn 2

With my reserves coming on, well, one of them anyway, I was hopeful I could do some damage. As it stood, only the wyverns and the valkyrie did anything. The wyverns taking out the tomb blades and the valkyrie taking a few potshots at the lychguard, and mostly missing. The squad on my right shuffled around to stay out of sight.

End of turn 1

The tomb blades at the bottom are about to take a beating

No more tomb blades

My opposition continued to advance across the board, firing as he went, slowly taking down my blob squad in the trench. He was slowly chipping away at the squads, at the rate he was going I was worried I would have none left soon. Apart from that he did little damage.

The relentless advance

The field of play at the end of turn 2

Turn 3

I continued to chip away at what I could. By this point I had removed a squad of warriors and no concentrated on the immortals, taking a few more down with the wyverns. I also took a few potshots at the lychguard, with little effect. Again, my opposition kept up the steady advance, taking down more troopers in the trenches and manovering to grab the mid field objectives. His barge moving for the left side and stalker entering the building g for the right one. His lychguard and remaining immortals moved for the center.

There is a lot fewer models in the trenches that there was at the start.

The steady advance

Spider in the building! Or rather stalker....

Turn 4

And the vendetta finally turns up! Better late than never! And it immediately had no effect on the game at all! With all the shots bouncing or not even hitting! The valkyrie on the otherhand was playing the smart game and shifting to the back field. The blob on the right went in to the building to challenge to stalker. I also looked at pushing forward with the remnants of the blob squad in the center and the pcs, in an attempt to take the center objective.

The final push forward begins.

It was also at this stage that we realise that my opponent had been playing some rules wrong. He had been playing the stalker as a vehicle and not a walker, and therefore had been moving a lot further than he should have. On the flip side, he had been snap firing a lot of his monolith shots, when as a heavy vehicle he shouldn't have been. So all in all it balanced out, and my guys took one hell of a beating in the last two rounds of shooting! When there not snap firing, monoliths can put out a lot of shots! As for his movement, the warriors finally disembarked from the ark and claimed an objective and the last of the immortals and lychguard claimed the center. The stalker also moved to claim the right objective. At this point it was going to be a close run game.

Warriors disembark.

The necrons hold the center of the board.

Turn 5

For turn 5 the wyverns went to work again, removing the newly disembarked warriors from the objective on the left. The ghost ark went on to claim it but removing the warriors was satisfying. The blob squad in The center fell back after taking casualties and realizing that it was now impossible to get to the centrw objective, the pcs made the same choice, although that was due to poor movement the previous phase by me! This meant that the plasma command squad dropped out of the hovering vendetta and tried a suicidal run to the center objective, I managed to plasma one squad, the immortals, to death, with only one vet killing himself in the process! However, they were charged by the lychguard and lord and were swiftly annihilated with the lychguard getting a good run and getting back to the objective! Oh well. The right hand blob squad carried on moving in to the building and swamped the objective. Also, almost unnoticed the valkyrie hovered and dropped of a bunch of vets who went full pelt for the objective, claiming it with ease.

The suicidal charge in the center, you can see the vendettas flight stand, the vendetta itself was removed for ease of play.

Piling in to the building to steal the objective. It is in there, somewhere under the stalker.

At the end of my opponents turn we were at the end game and it was time to total up scores. With the ghost ark claiming the leftobjective and the lychguard the center the necrons had 4 objective points, one kill point for the plasma command squad and line breaker by a sneaky monolith for a total of 6 points.  Had claimed the right objective, my own and thanks to the vets his objective for 6 objective points, to which I added first blood and line breaker. I also added 4 kill points for the two squads of warriors, the immortals and the tomb blades. Thus giving me a total of 12. So a win at 12 to 6.

End game

End Game - win - 12 (FB, LB, 6 obj, 4KP) to 6  (LB, 4obj, 1KP)