Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tryanids Vs Hjaltland LI 1500pts

Its been a long time in coming but I got another game in. It was my first in a while and was going to be against Tryanids, an army I haven't actually played against! So I was really looking forward to it but at 1500pts I had a little bit of a problem with what to take! I wanted to play my Hjaltland LI as they haven't been out of the box for a while. In the end I chose to go with a trimmed down list, dropping a vet squad and a couple of squads along with the OotF from the command squad, which left me on 1501 points.

My opponent had a pretty balanced list, I cant name all the various units, as I'm not a nids player, but there were two units of Genesteelers, some hive guard and trynids warriors, a zonethrope (?), two pod things with gaunts and the big flyer thing. Oh and a Morloc, that was being proxied by a Knights base as he had forgotten to pack the model itself. I was really looking forward to this list as it was a nice rounded list in my view and had didn't have any of the silly formation gimmicks. So on to the game;

Warlord - relentless and outflank (2)
(outflanked the two flyers)
His - 2vp for killing an IC challenge

My psychic powers - prescience, useless cc one (possibly Foreboding?) , Force


One thing that we had an issue with was terrain, neither of us have any! However, we managed to put together some using what we had to hand, hence all the boxes and mutant apples on the left. With not knowing what to expect and knowing that there was a morloc I decided to castle up in the corner behind my defence line, with the majority of the force and have a squad out to the left armed up for a little bit of combat. I also reserved the plasma command squad and flamer platoon command in the vendetta and Valkyrie respectively. My opponent had only a handful of models on the table, mostly the hive guard, Zonethrope and warlord, and after deployment infiltrated two squads of genesteelers and two other models, close combat things, not sure on the name, but there just by the right hand side knight.

a close up of my deployment.

At the end of turn one, sorry no pictures, but the nids moved forward with very little shooting and damage done. My first turn was fairly successful, toasting a few nids with the squad on the left. I managed to score a point, for having more of my units in my deployment zone than my opponent.

Points at the end of T1 - 0 - 1

At the end of the top of turn 2, a few of the reserves tunred up, namely the flyer and one pod full of gaunts, the combat variety. Shooting was good for him this turn and he removed a few models, chipping away at the force.

Unfortunately this happened:

After my movement my opponent had a text calling him home, so that was the end. My flyers had come in and had a plan, and I was looking forward to the turn. I was fairly confident that I could score 2 points, secure and objective, and kill something in assault, with a unit of 2 genesteelers in assault range of the large unit on the left. At the end though we'll never know.

However, a rematch is on the cards, not sure when, I'll let you know.