Friday, 13 May 2016


Well, the new books out, has been for a while, and I've been thinking. With my Emperors Disciples pretty much all modelled up, (hopefully I'll get the pictures up soon, but I'll warn you there are a lot of pictures!) and the new release, I have been wondering if there is a better way to run them than using the CAD. My initial reluctance to move away from the CAD was due to loosing the second devastator unit, however with the new Sternhammer formation, it seems that this is no longer a problem.

With the CAD I have 2 HQ (Captian and Libby), 3 Elite (Honour, Command and Sternguard), 3 Troop (3 Tacticals), 2 Heavy (2 Devistators) and 3 Fast (Rhinos and Razorbacks), but moving across to the Gladius I would loose one of the Devistators, replace the Libby with a Chaplin and have to place the Fast choices as dedicated transport. This would restrict my choices and also mean I would loos a lot of flexibility. Ok so with the Sternhammer formation, I still loose a lot of flexibility with the transports as I have to place them at dedicated transports but with the change with the auxiliary choices it gives me a lot more flexibility with my choices.

So after looking at the choices, the final roster for the Disciples will look something like this;

Demi-company with Chaplin (formally Libby), 3x 10 man tec squads with flamers and heavy bolters, devastator squad with missile launchers and a 5 man assault squad.

So the auxiliary choices will consist of a 1st company task force and a devistator unit. I had thought about some of the other units, namely the honoured ancients or 10th company task force, but that would require new models, something  I'm trying to avoid.

So the devi unit will be a 10 man las/plans squad, cos i feel that that actually gives it a proper feel rather than a 5 man missile squal, although with the flakk it could be like a specialized AA squad attached to the demi company. May have to do some more thinking on that for the fluff. The sternguard are pretty much sorted although they will have to gain a third squad at some point, not sure how at the moment, as I don't have anything that fits the visual aesthetics of the unit yet.

In addition I will also include a command choice, the strike force command with captain, honour guard and command squad.

With all this, the CAD formation is transferred across almost as it is to the Sternhammer formation, yes I loose a few bits, mostly upgrades, but gain a sternguard squad and a bunch of excellent rules that add to the fluff of the company.

 The pictures for the Disciples will be up soon, but I've a question? Do you like looking at them? They seem to be some of the poorest views, which doesn't bother me, but if people don't like them should I stop or cut them down a lot? I like posting them, I feel that its an achievement for me to get them complete and am quite happy shouting about it, but I was wondering what you thought?