Friday, 6 May 2016

Emperors Disciples

Well, with the Inquisition pretty much finished in terms of modelling, I decided to move on to the next project and with the Guardians still in limbo at the moment, that meant the Disciples finally got some love. First up was the Command squad and HQ choices along with the Sternguard, mostly as they are pretty much complete already.

The Captain and Librarian.
The captain is a FW model I believe ( edit: GW SM Master of Relics ) that I picked up from the second hand shop. I figured that it was a cool model and looks like a captain who's seen a few battlefields in his time. The Libby is just the DV libby with a chaos pack, nothing special but it does the job. The Libby may well be changed to a Chaplin at painting time, as to field a demi company I need a captain or Chaplin and the only way to field a Libby is with the conclave. I'll have to have a good think about it, but I will have to redo one of the models.

 The Command squad
The rest of the command squad that will accompany the Captain in to battle, armed for combat to protect the captain from anyone who want to get close. Formed of a Champion, Apothecary, and 3 vets, one with a standard.

The Champion with power axe flanked by a vet with plasma pistol and standard bearer (on right without his standard)

some details on the back, cloaks and other bits

The Apothecary and second vet with plasma pistol

The Sternguard
Most of these models have been seen before, there are only a few new models to see.

Sgt (right) and demi-squad leader

Sgt and demi-squad Alpha (combi-meltas)

Demi-squad Bravo (combi-plasma)

The two new models are on the far right of both squads and are the only ones without the metal upgrade kits. Also you might have noticed that although I mentioned their combi weapons, they don't actually have one, well that's because some of them have metal weapons and I don't want to damage the metal parts by converting to actual combi weapons, so they will just be painted with squad markings to show which model is carrying which weapon, probably by marking on the packs.

A third squad of sternguard will be added at some point to for fill the requirements of the sternhammer demi company detachment thing, but that's not yet.