Friday, 29 April 2016

Inq and henchmen 3

So here is the final post for the Inquisition, the third and final squad of henchmen, and probably the most complex one. It features Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders and Priests, to form a brutal close combat unit, or at least that is the hope.

First up though is the second of my inquisitors, Inquisitor Tamhas Adrien. Whereas, Tullus was armed for ranged combat, Adrien is armed for close combat, with bolter and power sword.

Adrien is basically a kit bash of bits from the bits box. with a fair bit of DA stuff, hooded helmet to match Tullus, back pack and icon and thing hanging from his waist, whatever its supposed to be. the pistol and shoulder pad are BA, the legs and sword arm are chaos and the chest is from the SM command sprue I think. So a proper bits box model

The priests are the usual DV models, slightly modified to remove some of the chaos stuff and ass some extras, mostly DA, to give them a more imperial feel. I probably could do some more conversion work, but when I do get around to painting them, I'll make sure that they have some differences to make them feel more individual.

Next up are the crusaders, men of substance and courage, never flinching in the face of death, or something like that. I don't like the proper models as there to odd looking for my tastes. So here are my take, again using old school imperial army/guard figures, with one cadian, with random sword arms I picked up from the local second hand bits shop and some dwarf shields from the same place. While I'm happy with most of the stances, a couple are a little rigid.

Fancy sword arms, possibly a few High Elf ones?

The shields are all different, a little hard to see I know, but they are.

Next are the Death Cult Assassins. These are all minor conversions from DV cultists, many keeping there cultist markings, as befits a Death Cult member. Again these were converted with random arms from the second hand shop, arming them up with two blades a piece. It all looks aa little random but I like it, makes it look like they have collected/scavenged blades from multiple enemies and battles.

The five together

Lots of variety in swords, even if not in the poses

Some of the minor differences, such as swords, bracelets, bits on head. Painting will add a few more differences.