Thursday, 28 April 2016

New rumours

Well, there are some interesting rumours doing the rounds again. The first is the new flyers game and the inclusion of a new, albeit optional, phase for 40k for dog fighting. The new flyer looks good and may make it on to my wish list, but that's for the future. 

The second rumour is about Blood Angles, and the possible new formations they will receive. This may include a new detachment for the BA and some formations, apparently with assault from deep strike rules. This would be nice if it happens and will bring back some cool older rules, specially for vanguard and DC. I'm not sure when they will drop, so I'm not getting to excited right now.

Although having said that, I picked up this the other day - index astartes apocrypha

I can't wait to get a proper read of it. I've been flicking through it and I'm glad I bought it, as there as so many cool pictures and articles in there. I'm hoping to do a bit of a review of it at some point soon, as there are some facts that I had forgotten or didn't even know about that I thought would be nice to share. So keep an eye open for that.