Friday, 1 April 2016

Dark Guardians

Ok, this post has been written and rewritten several times. It started off as a run through of what I'd have to change after I went through all my models and bits box. The main changes were going to be the dropping of the storm shields from the vet squads, as I didn't have enough with doing the Knights force first.

This process then evolved when I redid the points, which lead me to drop the plasma vets from the list and up the tac squads with vet Sgts with plasma pistols and a marine with a plasma gun. In addition the forces gained a Libby with combi-plasma and conversion field and the Chaplin got a combi-plasma as well. This resulted in a smaller army but with a lot of plasma still. This would have left me with CAD list looking like this;
(new items in Red)

Interrogator – Stormshield, Combi-Plasma
Libarian - ML2, Combi-Plasma, Conversion Field 
Tac - Vet Sgt w/Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun
Tac - Vet Sgt w/Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun
Company Vets – Sgt w/Powerfist, 5x Combi-Melta, (lost Shields)
Command Squad – Champion, Company Standard, 3x Power Sword,  (lost Shields)

However, with the inclusion of the Calth box set, this is all going to change again. I will be going for the lighting claw option mostly, this will give me a squad the will look something like this;

Sgt. with storm bolter and power sword, heavy flamer with power fist and three lighting claws.

Why this set up? Well, I was tempted to go for a Sgt with claws as well, but I thought that the sword still gives ap3 attacks just without rerolls. The storm bolter also gives the squad some firepower, along side the flamer, both of which can also be used to do some damage before assaulting, where the claws will take over and do their job. This squad will add some decent assault capacity to non 2+ saving units.

This will also give some options for another squad, using the left over bits and some new bodies in the form of a SW body and 4 older plastic models, these will form another squad with the two remaining claws, some chain fists and possibly a heavy flamer to form another assault squad. Although I might have a  complete rethink and change the other flamer squad for a squad with a flamer and claws and have a squad full of chain fists to go wrecking vehicles. Alternatively, I may sell my old metal models to raise some cash and just keep the plastic models.

All in all though, this will add points to the force, resulting in a number of issues, namely what to do with the rest of the force? I don't really want to buy more models, but if I want to expand the Ravenwing I need Speeders and Attack Bikes, at least 2 of each, or if I want to expand the Deathwing I need some pods for the Dreads, again at least 2.

What would be nice would be a formation that wasn't either RW or DW, one other than the Lions Blade or Demi that is. I don't want to use some other formation, such as 1st company force from the SM codex or one of the BA ones as it would loose the DA feel to it, but right now I'm a little stuck.