Friday, 25 March 2016

Inq warband

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So, with several dozen models still sitting around waiting to be painted, I have done what every sensible modeller does, started another project!

This time it is the Inquisition that are the focus of the modelling. I have always wanted to model some Inquisition forces as they are the entity that draw all my other forces together. The force itself is a fair size compared to many Inquisitors force's that I have come across in the past, which usually comprise of an Inquisitor and maybe a small retinue. The reason the force is so large is because I intend to use this as the main force with other force's as support, be it one of the SM or IG armies. This is possible, as the force is currently over 600pts and can easily grow with the addition of warhead and upping the numbers in the Elite 1 squad to maximum numbers.

So what is in the list? Well there are two Inquisitors and three henchmen bands. Although in the fluff the Inquisitors are of the Ordo Hereticus variety, I will be using the Xenos Inquisitors profile as the basic wargear and upgrades are more in line with how I want my force to play.

So, to the actual forces in question;

Xenos Inquisitor w/Power armour,  Power Sword, Rad grenades, Psykotroke grenades
Xenos Inquisitor w/Combi-plasma, Power Armour, Psyker ML1
Elite 1 – 7x Acolyte’s w/carapace, hotshot lasgun, 3x stormshield
Elite 2 – 10x Acolyte’s w/carapace, bolt gun, 1x psyker, 1x Priest
Elite 3 – 5x Crusader’s, 5x Death Cult Assassins, 2x Priest

So the plan.

One Inquisitor, with the combi, will go with Elite 1 and be tasked with hunting the high profile targets from a far. With ML1 he will attempt to provide Prescience for the squad to up their killing ability and take the edge of bs3. The storm shields are there to provide some extra resilience to high strength or low Ap weapons.

The second Inquisitor will go with Elite 3. This will be the up close and personal lot, with the Rad grenades and Psykotroke grenades all affecting the enemy and hopefully reducing their effectiveness in combat. Combining this with the DCA's initiative 6 and twin power swords and 4 attacks on the charge (for a total of 20 attacks at WS5, S6 and I6) and the Priests special rules, reroll to hit and hopefully, reroll to wound, this should do a lot of damage. The Crusaders are there to soak up some damage with their storm shields and to die in place of the DCA's, they can also add a few attacks as well, if any models survive to the I3 step. There are two priests for a very simple reason, that being at Ld7 they are not the most reliable of characters. So in order to give some extra assurance of getting the war hymns off, which are very useful and if I get both hymns off, there is always somewhere to use it, i.e. reroll saves.

The final unit are Elite 2, and are the bolter boys. 10 Acolytes with bolters for plain old massed fire. These guys are just as simple as that, they are there to support either of the other squads achieve there goals, either by poring shots in to a unit before the others assault, or by screening and dying to enable the Hotshot guys to get in to range. They are in effect a cheap expendable unit, with just enough upgrades to make them survive long enough to do their job. The priest is there to make them fearless and keep them where they need to be and the psyker is there to try and give prescience to the squad.

This is a fairly simple list, one close combat unit, one shooty unit and one sacrificial unit, most of which is operating at Ap3, so no clues as to who the Inquisition are look at!