Friday, 18 March 2016

death watch; overkill

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Well, the latest game to be released from GW is Death watch; Overkill. While I have to say the models are very impressive, and look superbly detailed, its not going on my wish list. Why? Simple, I'm not a Nids fan and Genecults don't excite me in any way. If you are a Nids fan then I can understand your excitement, as this is something special. I can recal a friend, back in my youth, who had a number of hybrids and it was a shame to see that they had disappeared during my absence from the game.

Whilst having the Deathwatch models would be nice, they would not have much of a place in my armies, apart from maybe the Inquisition, but that wouldn't fit with the fluff. Although having said that, I may just have them anyway. With the new rules being in WD, (which I great that their doing this again!) I might just see about kit bashing some models up to fit the rules. This will have to wait a while though as getting hold of some of the parts will be difficult, namely the termie, bike and jump packs, at least without taking them away from existing armies.

I'm still a little unsure of how they work in 40k though. I get the complete formation, everything in one big unit, but this seems pointless in my mind. It restricts the two jump units, meaning that they can't make use of their full moves, the same with the bike, as both have to stay in coherency with the rest on the unit. The unit is also not optimised at all, with both shooting models and assault models along side anti-infantry and other anti-armour models. So I would like to field them seperatly, but how? Using the inquisition detachment wouldn't work as there is no troop slot and allied doesn't work as there is only one elite and hq slots. CAD can't work as there is only one troop choice. So what's the answer? Are you supposed to just sub them in to your army instead of other units? But that just doesn't work fluff wise, and nor does adding a unit to for a CAD legal force. Also as far as I can tell, all the fast and elite choices are units of 1, who can't join each other or anyone else as none are independent characters. I could be wrong here, but I thought that you had to be an independent character to join other units.

So this still leaves me  wondering, how do you field them?

One thing I really like with this game is the fluff that they have given each character, especially the BA guy, who's obviously succumbing to the Black Rage, which wouldn't be good as far as the inquisition are concerned. The white scars one is good as well, classic white scars, just doing things his (AKA the White Scars) way. If I make my own, I will probably make up my own fluff and have a number of them pulled from my own armies to represent Inquisitor Tullus forming his own hit squad from the units around him.

I would be interested in playing the game though, as the last few games have been enjoyable to play (not that I've played BoC yet). I'll have to see if anyone down the club shells out for the game first though.