Friday, 4 March 2016

Betrayal at Calth

Well I've put my Christmas money together and forked out for Betrayal of Calth, mostly for the models for my DA Dark Guardians. I want a nice force of archaic looking marines, mixed with some newer stuff, to give a feel of a force that's been out hunting on the edges of the galaxy for a long time. Hopefully with the older chaos models and dreads along with the Calth box set should be able to do this. I might not end up using all the models for the DA force, some may find their way in to the Disciples army list as Sternguard vets, after all the Sternguard are supposed to be the best and oldest warriors in the chapter.

Getting this box set is going to mean that my Dark Guardians will need a slight rethink in terms of their list, as it 2000pts, adding in an extra squad of termies does cut down points, and I am hoping that I may be able to get hold of another squad of terminator bodies cheap, probably from eBay, to add another squad, using the extra arms from the box set. The main squad will be armed with lightning claws, with a heavy flamer on one model and the Sgt with  Sword and Strombolter, to give some shooting pre assault. This will leave at least 5 sets of weapons, including 2 sets of lightning claws which will go with the other flamer squad.

This doesn't leave a lot of space for troops in the rest of the list, so it will be a bit of a juggling contest to see where the other points are used. I will have to have a good look at the DA codex to see what I can use and where, but one option is to get hold of some more bikes or speeders but I will have to see, as I can't really justify more purchases at the moment.

However, one thing that I am pondering in painting up a minimum strength Demi-company or Lions Blade Force. This is mostly to keep current with the new DA codex more than anything else.

As you can tell, this force is very much up in the air at the moment, and I'm not entirely sure what I want. The other issue is that being 30k forces, do I want to keep these as playable in the 30k universe? At present, no one up here plays 30k, so is it worth it? Its something that I really haven't decided on yet. If I do keep them as 30k playable, I wont be doing DA though, so I'll have to pick a colour scheme from the Heresy, probably a traitor force using pre-heresy colour schemes, which at the moment are World Eaters or Word Bearers, the latter would be closer to my original colour scheme. One thing that I will have to look in to is the scope for alterations to the colour schemes, or are they very much set in stone for 30k?