Tuesday, 4 November 2014

The 1313th 2000pts List

This list is a classic MecVet list, reliant on mobility rather than overwhelming numbers like the 851st list.

Company command - 287
Colonel Leith (Stracken), 4x Plasma, Master of Ordinance, Carapace, Krak Grenades.

Tank Command Squad - 530
Major Turvous (Pask) in Leman Russ Punisher with Heavy Bolter Sponsons,
2x Leman Russ Battle Tanks

Non FoC HQ - 225
2x Priest
2x Primaris Psykers, ML2

Troop 1 - 136
3x Melta, Sgt with Bolt Pistol, Demolitions and Grenadiers doctrines

Troop 2 - 195
3x plasma, Chimera with Extra Armour, Grenadiers doctrine

Troop 3 - 161
Sgt with bolter, Krak grenades, Chimera with Extra Armour, Grenadiers doctrine

Troop 4 - 161
Sgt with bolt Pistol, Krak grenades, Chimera with Extra Armour, Grenadiers doctrine

Fast attack - 170
Imperial Navy Vendetta

Fast attack - 135
Imperial Navy Valkyrie with MRP's

In addition I also have a Hellhound which I can run as a Devil Dog replacing Troop 1 or as a Hellhound/Banewolf replacing Troop 4, giving some extra flexibility to this list.

How does this list run, well simply it requires getting stuck in early. The Company Command goes in the Vendetta and Troop 1 or Troop 2 goes in the Valkyrie, depending upon who I'm playing. An armour heavy enemy and Troop 1 would go in or for a Heavy Inf strong enemy it would be Troop 2. The LRBT's trundle forward destroying everything that they can, popping transports where possible for the Vets in the Chimeras to close in and finish them off. When the Vendetta comes in it will take out any enemy fliers that maybe around or failing that go for any heavy AV14 vehicles, dropping off the command squad any where its needed to deal with problem units. the Valkyrie comes on and starts shooting up the infantry, dropping off its units where needed, either to deal with important vehicles or heavy inf units, dependant on what its carrying.

One unit that was mentioned but is not present yet is the Rough Riders, they are a work in progress and I'm waiting on all the bits before I can start to build them. When there built they will replace one of the troops, either 3 or 4.